Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rick Hendrick Is Living The NASCAR Dream

Dream seasons come, and dream seasons go. They are like anything else in life that has a beginning and an end. When they first begin, you kind of sit back without ever realizing that this could be that very special series of events that you have waited your whole life for.

And then all of a sudden one day when you least expect it, that’s when it all comes together and everything that has been happening begins to make a lot of sense. Now I’m not talking about some magical joyride, or entering into a realm that is not unforeseeable. But instead reality kicks in, and you realize that you are not in some far off dream.

Dreams are where championships start from, and it’s usually by one mans dream where a championship run begins to take shape. Dream seasons and championships usually go hand in hand with another, and it’s not that difficult to see that Rick Hendrick has easily fallen into that category.

As Rick continues to mold and shape his dream into reality. Its not hard to see that his reality has come in the form of having five of his six engine and chassis packages, within the top 12 hoping to do battle for the Sprint cup championship once the chase begins. When you begin to take a deeper look at where Rick’s dream began. All you have to do is look at his cast of drivers, and that right there tells the whole story.

Rick by far has the most dominant team, as well as the most powerful engine and chassis package that NASCAR has ever seen throughout its 60+ year history. With the addition of Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Mark Martin, Rick solidified himself as an owner who would go to any length to make sure that he has the cream of the crop, as well as the sports most influential drivers.

To go along with the eight championships that his drivers have already won for him, he can also boast of 181 wins, 160 poles, 703 top fives, and 1,156 top 10’s. Rick even went a step further while adding Stewart Haas racing to his already powerful arsenal, and that alone is paying back some pretty big dividends.

So far, Tony Stewart has won three races to go along with leading the point standings. Stewart has also locked himself into the chase while running Hendrick engines along with their chassis package.

Jimmie Johnson, who has won the last three championships in a row, can make NASCAR history if he can add the fourth one this season.

Mark Martin at the age of 50 can make history if he can win his first championship. The oldest driver to ever win a championship was Bobby Allison at the age of 45.

Jeff Gordon can put himself within two championships of Dale Earnhardt Sr, and Richard Petty by adding number five this season.

Tony Stewart is a very strong candidate to become the second driver/owner to win a championship, while putting himself next to Alan Kulwicki who holds that title all to himself.

This season has to be one of his most productive, and the most well put together in Rick’s 25 year history while being a team owner. Once this season is over and all the awards are handed out, you have to wonder what Rick Hendrick will do for an encore. Im Out

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  1. Granted I want Jr to win win win! but he is the only HMS driver/affiliate I tend to really root for, although I dont mind Big Daddy or The Rocketman, I would love to see some other teams winning!!

    Encore = retire?? LOL