Friday, August 21, 2009

Silly Season Update is reporting that Brad Keselowski has signed with Penske Racing for the 2010 Sprint Cup season. This report comes after a very uncomfortable moment where our "favorite" reporter from the other site brought Kurt Busch's press conference to a virtual standstill. Kurt had just finished praising Penske teammates Sam Hornish amd David Stremme on their continuing improvement on the track when she who will not be named asked about the Keselowski deal. Kurt was clearly uncomfortable; his body language tightened up, and there were several awkward pauses as he tried not to answer the question("J don't want to say anything that can get twisted around). Unfortunately, edited the exchange from the video clip.


  1. ahh the silly season....the amusement of seeing our drivers stunned into silence, LOL!

  2. I caught some of this during the day but had too many clients to watch all the video. Did catch Smoke being an arse to the media again tho!

    She isn't making any friends with the 2 team I'll tell ya that. I am going to try to get the scoop from them but also heard deal isnt totally done.

    Cant believe they would hire BK and keep Justin out of a car...but what do I know.

  3. Hmmm. same said reporter also appears to be floating the rumor Pat Tryson is leaving Penske for MWR and Truex...

    They have not been beyond floating rumors before just to create buzz for themselves...