Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday with NASCAR

As I sit here, watching the replay of the Michigan race on Speed, while playing Mafia Wars and reading blogs, I find out that today is a busy day for NASCAR. Starting at 4:30, ESPN2 will air the festivities when the NASCAR drivers' travel to the White House where Jimmie Johnson will be honored. The 2008 Chase Drivers will be included along with other NASCAR personalities. Missing, however, will be Kevin Harvick, Kyle Busch and Matt Kenseth because of schedule conflicts. I'm sure Kyle would have been on his best behavior if he had been Dale Jarrett and Rusty Wallace will be participating but ESPN chose Brad Daugherty and Nicole Manske to speak with the President live on NASCAR NOW. Maybe it's because of DJ's and Rusty's limited vocabulary, kind of like Forrest Gump meeting Lyndon Johnson!lol

Then onto the truck race! SPEED will start it off at 7:00 tonight with Mike Joy and Dick Berggren. Bob Dillner will be down on pit road. The pre-race show starts at 8:00. Kristen Voda will follow up on Johnny Benson and how he is doing after his horrific wreck back in June.

The truck race starts at 8:30. I'm usually getting ready for bed around 9:00 and I won't be too disappointed because I just can't sit through a race with Michael Waltrip calling it!LOL Rick Allen and Phil Parsons will be with him but I'll still pass. It's as bad as listening to his

Qualifying starts at 4:40 this afternoon. Thirty-nine drivers have entered. It's quite a group. Brad Keselowski owns his Chevy truck that he will be driving with no sponsor. Delana Harvick's truck will be driven by Ryan Newman and Pringles is the sponsor. Ken Schrader is in his own Federated Auto Parts truck. Hermie Sadler is driving a Victory Junction Gang sponsored truck. Let's see who gets in and who goes home! Go, Kenny!

The kicker is according to the Weather Channel, there's a 40% chance of rain. I hope you enjoy the race.


  1. Bev, I hope the snitch at work doesn't go to your boss again! LOL

  2. The snitch at work is actually a friend on my profile. There goes another knife for keeping a friend Shouldn't you be working, too?lol Carl Edwards just stole my Forrest Gump remark about meeting the President!lol

  3. Something about the drivers put him up to saying something to the President like in the Forrest Gump movie but he didn't tell what he said. I hope it wasn't "I gotta pee." lol

  4. Way to take the place of the TV guide Bev! Looks like all previous Cup champions are there so perhaps DJ and Rusty are there participating and not announcing...that is why Kurt is there.

    I will be skipping the races tonight to watch Top Chef! I know I am a bad fan...

  5. The race is about to start and it's not raining!LOL

    Hornaday looks like a panic attack is about to hit him. lol

    Go, Ron!!!