Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Trifecta- Three To Go Edition

Ok, folks. It's an all NASCAR weekend this week. Thanks to Tez for posting last week's Trifecta. It was a long weekend, but the Halloween party was a success; the chidren's sermon on Sunday was well received; and the surprise bridal shower Sunday night, well you just had to be there for that one :o) (what happens at the Chinese buffet stays at the Chinese buffet).

This week's starting lineup: Hanny CR SB jon Dwindy tez moseby kristen

The races:

1.) The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race from Texas, Friday November 4; green flag drops at 8:19pm ET (entry list)

2.) The NASCAR Nationwide Series race from Texas, Saturday Novemeber 5; green flag drops at 1:11pm ET (entry list)

3.) The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race from Texas, Sunday November 6; green flag drops at 3:16pm ET.

There you have it. Let's go racing!


  1. The Beagle will be going with

    CWTS: A Dillon

    NNS: Kyle

    Cup: Denny

  2. Well since none of this matters anymore I'll be picking drivers I actually *LIKE* and see how they do...LOL

    Trucks - Parker Klingerman
    NW - Lil Gator
    Cup - JUNYER!

  3. Ladies... How are you today?

    It's time for the Kyle-fecta! That'll be 18 + 18 + 18!!!! Should equal 54!

    Thank you Miss SB!

  4. Hmmmm

    CWTS... KYLE!

    NW..... KYLE!

    CUP.... JJ

  5. CR here;

    Sorry Hanny, but I'm not changing 2 of my picks just because you beat me to the punch!

    CWTS>> Kyle!!

    NW>>> Kyle!!

    CUP>>> Biffle

  6. Looks like a broken record around here... And... Why isn't the beagle pulling for Tony? Reverse psychology? Puttin' the whammy on Denny? I followed along with Kristin's line of reasoning... Guess I shanghai'd Mr. Haddock... And as far as CR goes all I have to do is look at his flip flop last week... LOL!

  7. I'm still annoyed I missed out last week....should have posted picks when I posted the actual blog *sigh*

    Trucks - Kevin Harvick
    NW - Carl Edwards
    Cup - Brad Keselowski

  8. CR... that's what I'm saying to Dwindy. lol...

    Where's the love for the two Chase leaders in everyone's Cup picks?

  9. Gene, guess I kind of missed the fact that Dwindy pulled out the Shrub Bomb before you. lol

    I was going to pick Carl for the CUP race, but I have a fear of Beagle Voodoo.

  10. And well you should :o)

    jon's picks (via FB)

    Trucks- Kevin
    Nationwide- Clint
    Cup- Kevin

    oh, and Hanny, should you decide you DO want to go for the Kylefecta, the win would go to you since you are first in this week's line up.

  11. Trucks - Hornaday
    Nationwide - Cousin Carl
    Cup - Kenseth

  12. it just became the Kylewreckta, lol

  13. That was absolutely the most stupid thing I've seen in NASCAR... Way to go Kyle! Hope this doesn't set the tone for the rest of the weekend...

  14. WOW! apparently Kyle still after Kevin/RCR or he has lost his mind...that was crazy!

  15. After one:

    jon 1
    tez 1
    SB 2
    kristen 28
    Hanny 33
    CR 33
    Dwindy 33
    moseby 34

  16. LOL! Kyle beat Hornaday!!! Whooopeee!

  17. Driver change:

    Dumping Kyle for Bad Brad in Nationwide.

    (I don't think NASCAR will park him for the Cup race since he's in the Chase. Parking him for NNS doesn't affect anything.)

  18. I'm dumping on Kyle too. LOL...

    I mean I'm dumping Kyle for Danica in the Nationwide race. Just to mess with Hanny's head? No, actually, I'm picking Danica because I like what she's doing for the Dan Wheldon Memorial Fund this weekend. Besides, I have nothing to lose, thanks to psycho Kyle!

  19. Shall we continue with the Harvick-Kyle feud? Is it going to break out again today???

  20. I'm sticking with Kyle in NW. He'll be starting ..... unless TMS wants to refund some ticket sales.

  21. Really, NASCAR?

    Give me Kyle in Cup also! Solidarity!

  22. Gene, I sense frustration in your words, and actions. How 'bout a nice long stroll, or maybe an enema might help you to feel better? I really don't want to see you go ballistic like Jon did when Kevin was parked. I'm just sayin'....

  23. LMAO!! Oh boy oh boy, this is good. THank god the Busch Bros are in NASCAR.

  24. Ok, for those of you sticking with Kyle, you will be awarded the points earned by the #18 car, no matter who is driving.

  25. Driver change for Cup race:

    The Beagle is dropping Denny and going with Kasey.

  26. After two:

    tez 4
    jon 5
    SB 7
    Hanny 35
    Dwindy 35
    moseby 37
    kristen 42
    CR 44

  27. 44... that was my number in Pop Warner football! Amazing I can remember back that far, considering my lifestyle in the decade following the 60's.

  28. another 'fecta showing you should not pick with your heart...Come on Junyer! Save my team! LOL

  29. Hey Kristen-

    You've got a good shot at unseating Tez for the most pathetic score of the season :o).

  30. There is nothing on the face of the earth quite like a smart aleck beagle!

  31. In fairness to Kyle, NASCAR should have parked Carl Edwards for a couple of weekends last season after nearly trying to kill Brad Keselowski in two separate races. Yeah, they DID park Edwards for the rest of the spring Atlanta race, but he was over 100 laps down and Kes was running in the top 5 when he was wrecked. BFD. They should have parked Edwards for the FOLLOWING race as well. All I'm asking for is a LITTLE consistency by NASCAR.

  32. Nooooo! Kristen, don't beat that record, it's mine, LOL!

  33. If I drop Biffle, and pick Andy Lally, do I get to beat Tez's record? lmao

  34. Final standings: The Beagle picks up her 4th win and both Hanny and Dwindy tie Tez for the most pathetic score of the season.

    SB 10
    jon 18
    tez 28
    moseby 41
    CR 49
    kristen 49
    Hanny 68
    Dwindy 68

  35. LOL

    Congrats SB!!! What a weekend of drama!

  36. It's not easy to be the worst... Take that any way you want to!

    Congrats Ms. SB! A two fisted winner!

  37. Hey Kristen-

    If you go to Phoenix next week, ask Tony if he was aware that duck season in Texas opened yesterday (11-5).

  38. For that matter, ask Carl the same question :o)

  39. nice switch from Denny to Kasey to nab the win, SB! :)

  40. Congrats Speedy...not going to PHX, I just got back from vacation and my clients would revolt if I left again.

    Your boy hates the new PHX track so should be interesting how he does this weekend. He refused to talk to the media there during the first test because it sucked so much.