Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Anti-VooDoo Beard!

Cousin Carl's view of the Chase...
Now tell me... What's not to like about this guy?


  1. What's not to like?

    His long history of trying to bully other drivers, including teammates.

    His false sincerity.

    Brings his mother to work with him, although she gets some of that blame, also.

    His total smarmieness.

    He's a great driver, and this year there has been a new Carl. This year, after years of media training, he realizes that he can step in, fill a void, and be the NASCAR spokesmodel. Good for him. It's gonna take a few more years of good behavior before I buy what he's selling.

  2. Not to mention he trash talked Tony!!!

  3. While I agree 100% with Gene's assessment I'd still rather see Mr. Ed win the championship than Smoke (sorry SB!)...

    I was hoping for Kenseth or Harv...if not my boys, ah well!

  4. Thanks for the run down Gene... I keep thinking of that scene between Carl and Harvick where Carl has a grip on Harvick's throat... Since that time I don't think we've heard from Kevin when it comes to Carl Edwards. I can think of a couple of other drivers who need to handle Kevin that way...

    SB... It sounds like Tony can take care of himself... It should be very interesting on the final 10 laps running around the cookie cutter track there in Texas...

    Kristen, Maybe I shoulda asked what's wrong with Tony...?