Monday, October 31, 2011

Kia Orana!

No this is not a postcard but the view of our beach in the Cook Islands and my home for the last week!

Here is their famous blue starfish...this is a little guy but as you can imagine the ones the size of manhole covers are spectacular as is the rest of the snorkeling/diving. Saw octopus, sea snake (deadly poisonous so glad I saw him from the beach not the water) and a billion tropical fish!

Listened to Dega on our drive to LAX - the wrecks sounded brutal but missed Martinsville entirely as for some reason the DVR didnt tape it. Had no internet access there so no way to get my 'fecta picks in!

Back to the harsh reality of work...


  1. Did they serve Corona there? LOL!

    You can't beat secluded beaches, warm sunshine and a sea full of life for relaxing!

    Hope you're rejuvenated!

  2. Nope! All Aussie and NZ beers...and Stella! LOL Not even Bud or ML.

    Totally blissed out while there, lets see how long it lasts...

  3. Ahhhh. Looks fantastic!

    The only bad thing about a great vacation is having to go back to work. Welcome back!

  4. Wow what a picture! Looks like an amazing trip! Will you be at Phoenix in a couple weeks?

  5. Thanks are right about the return to work. I got thru today on adrenaline but its the rest of the week thats gonna kill me! LOL

    Hey Mayer, it is a fantastic place and cheap too!

    I was going to sneak back if Kurt was still in it but alas since he is not I am going to sit this one out b/c I'll be back for Thanksgiving two weeks later and instead will come next year. Sorry to miss you!!!