Tuesday, October 19, 2010

NASCAR Boss Going Under Cover

No, it's not Brian France; however, on this Sunday's episode of Undercover Boss (CBS), Steve Phelps- NASCAR Senior VP and Chief Marketing Officer- will be going undercover within the NASCAR organization. The preview for the show showed him mostly working at race tracks and with race teams as a pit crew member. This brings up a whole slew of questions.

1.) Kristen, as a member of the NASCAR Fan Council, what if anything can you tell us about Mr. Phelps?

2.) How deep in the bowels of NASCAR does he work? It seems to me that the Chief Marketing Officer would be pretty well known by most of the race teams.

3.) NASCAR maintains that the race teams are independent contractors. Doesn't a NASCAR officer going undercover as a race team member contradict that?

4.) Will we see any noticeable changes in NASCAR because of this or is Brain-dead just humoring the disgruntled masses?

Ready, set, discuss.


  1. Sounds like the typical 'reality' show. Little, or nothing, to do with reality. How could this guy possibly be construed as the 'boss' of a pit crew?

    Maybe they should have sent him to one of the overseas sweat shops where NASCAR licensed tee shirts are made? LOL

  2. Don't think I'll set a reminder for this. Tim Richmond, yes!

  3. Hey! They're being proactive! Right???

    Nothing like a little "undercover" work for some free PR... Tell me, what was he doing this for again? To cure NASCAR's ills? Nooooooooo.... It's just a fun thing to do...

    EVERYBODY's watching reality TV... Nope, don't think so... Okay... Younger people are watching reality TV... Maybe. But do ya think they're gonna hang around to watch this? Nope, can't imagine that... Tell me what your demographic target is... Younger people, right?

    So what's the point?