Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Trifecta- Let the Voodoo Begin Edition

Greetings, race fans. Welcome to the first Trifecta of the 2010 season and Hanny's first opportunity of the season to complete the elusive Kylefecta.

This year, we will be competing for the coveted Triple Lug Nut trophy which will be awarded at the end of the season to the player with the most wins.

Katie is in fine form with the voodoo, and early indications are that it is already working.

This weeks races are:

The Camping World Truck Series race from Daytona, Friday 2-12, the green flag drops at 8:15pm ET.

The Nationwide Series race from Daytona, Saturday 2-13, the green flag drops at 1:34pm ET.

The Daytona 500, Sunday 2-14, the green flag drops at 1:19pm ET.


Driver changes for a particular race must be submitted at least 5 minutes before the green flag drops for that race(green flag times are posted after each race).

There is no penalty for picking a driver that has already been picked.

All ties go to the player who posted their picks the earliest.

Good luck, and let's go racing!!!!!


  1. Trucks - Kyle Busch
    NW - Tony Stewart
    Cup - since it's V-day, I'll go with Ambrose and his roses car, lol

  2. Trucks - Mike Skinner
    NW - Brad Keselowski
    Cup - God help me if Jr wins...Kurt Busch

  3. Trucks--Matt Crafton

    NW--Kevin Harvick

    Cup--Kevin Harvick

  4. I'd have gone for the Kevfecta but Kevin's not running in the Truck race. Elliott Sadler is driving the #2 truck that Kevin normally drives when it's racing.

  5. Trucks - Ron Hornaday, Jr.

    NW - Kyle Busch

    Cup - Dale, Jr.

  6. Trucks- Kyle Busch
    NNS- Tony Stewart
    Cup- Jeff Gordon

  7. CWTS.....Kyle



  8. And the Beagle picks:

    Trucks- Ron Hornaday

    Nationwide- Tony Stewart

    Cup- Ditto(After Sunday, it will be known as the DayTony 500).

  9. that is just way too funny. Sadie coughed up a little breakfast kibble.

  10. I know I miss the truck race so give me last place,, but this is Daytona and the other 2 races could drop someone like flys on a bug zapper.....

    Trucks - last place
    Nationwide - Dale Jr
    cup - Dale Jr

    Hope all have been safe and good luck this year 2 all.


  11. F2.....Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I'm not alone anymore! Get Joker and we'll get a fan club going here!lol

  12. Cup- Jimmie and Chad show

    NW- Danica Patrick

    Truck- Hornaday

  13. F2-

    hello, stranger. Haven't seen you around in a while. The Truck race was postponed due to rain and run right after the Nationwide race, so you;ve still got time to get that Truck pick in.

  14. photo-

    I feel it only fair to warn you that Katie did major damage to the Jimmie voodoo bear last night. He is now missing his nose.

  15. Anybody out there? Junior just went for a wild ride in the NW race, just after Smoke took the lead! Carl Edwards flipped him!

  16. Well, no Kylefecta this week. After one race, the standings look like this:

    Tez 1
    socal 1
    SB 1
    jon 3
    Klv 14
    Beverly 18
    Hanny 18
    F2 29
    photogr 35

    So, on to the truck race. F2- you still have time to get a pick in for that race.

  17. Dang it I picked the wrong Penske driver!! I knew BK couldnt stop himself from wrecking.

  18. dang, useless guy in the #3....ahh well, lol

  19. Hornaday is in the wall! I shouldn't have chose Junior for tomorrow. I'm a jinx!

  20. if any trucks finish without a scratch, it will be a miracle, lol

  21. Nice couple of crashfests today. Will the 500 be half as exciting?

  22. My, my, my what an interesting couple of races.

    The standings:

    jon 8
    Tez 23
    socal 23
    SB 28
    Klv 38
    Hanny 40
    Beverly 45
    photogr 62
    F2 65

    I'd say it looks like jon is going to run away with this one, but if tomorrow is anything like today, it's still anybody's game.

  23. Well, an interesting way to start the season. The final standings:

    jon 15
    Beverly 47
    socal 49
    SB 50
    Hanny 54
    Klv 61
    Tez 64
    F2 67
    photogr 97

    Just a reminder that there will not be another Trifecta until the weekend of March 22. See you then.

  24. Oops, that's supposed to be March 27.