Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Danica 300

Our old buddy, Blue (b@o) from Fox Sports wrote this love letter about Danica. It may be his single most beautiful work ever.....

Tony Stewart just won the inaugural "Danica Patrick 300"" I have no idea what happened during the first 70 laps as far as the rest of the field was concerned, but I do know this.

Danica Patrick has been the talk of Speedweeks for the Nationwide Series.

"Danica" started the race in the 15th spot. Danica moved backwards lap by lap. Danica avoided a wreck at lap 7 by holding the wheel straight and closing Danica's eyes.

Danica pitted and took on four tire's. Danica moved back even more. Then on lap 68 there was an accident in front of Danica, Danica once again used the technique of closing Danica's eyes and holding the wheel straight, and then Danica wrecked, endingDanica's chances to win the "Danica Patrick 300"


  1. I just don't like her!

    Great B@O-style as usual! Sure miss his and Joker's funny stuff!

  2. Freakin crack up!! And totally true...

  3. I almost fell off of my chair when she said, she just went straight through the second wreck. Guess Tony Eury Jr. and Dale Jr. didn't teach her how to turn the wheel to the left to avoid a wreck. Guess they better teach her that, before she gets on a road course. LOL

    They do have road courses in Indy, don't they?