Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Big10, Pac10 Expansion?

The Pac 10 and Big 10 appear to be on the verge of adding enough new members to hold a conference playoff game in football. You know, like the real football conferences do. The Pac 10 would have to add two new schools to meet the 12 school requirement that the NCAA stipulates. The Big 10 only needs one to make 12. Don't ask.

The Big 10 seems to be set on Pittsburgh and the Wanstache as their 12th member. Okay, they are the natural rival of the Big 10's Penn State. So, who are the two lucky Pierres who join the Pac 10?

Utah? Could be the best available, but USC may not want another school around that could give them trouble on the football field every year. Hawaii? Nice road trips. Boise State? Another team that USC might not want to play regularly. Fresno State? Not so nice road trips?

Lets hear from the Pac 10 and Big 10 homers. Who do you want, and why?


  1. Well, I kinda like the Pac10 as is...a nice round number with the ability to play more outside conference games, esp with basketball. If I had to pick two I'd go with UNLV and Utah.

  2. Utah is no big threat to USC I believe. Any team can catch another by surprise. As far as football goes USC needs too stay out of Oregon. I would worry about Boise State they seem to have soomething special. Hawaii is s a great road trip and the rest of the Pac 12 won't be too worried about a team formerly known as the "Rainbows" jes sayin. Fresno, decent team but like you mentioned Gene.... it's Fresno. The armpit of California. Why not San Diego State and UNLV. Hawaii would be OK too.


  3. The problem with Pittsburgh is that the Big East would fall apart without them. Notre Dame has needed to join the Big Ten for years; they just don't want to have to face off against teams like Ohio State and Iowa every year.

  4. I'm not even a little in favor of the Pac-10 expanding mainly because I really like the way things are set up right now. In football, every team plays every other team in the conference, so by design there will be a champion determined in conference play (no need for a title game).

    But I understand that more teams equals more revenue and the addition of a title game means more revenue .... everything is driven by the almighty dollar. The two teams that might be the most appealing are Colorado and Utah, and I've seen some articles claiming both schools are agreeable to joining the conference.

    I really hope the Pac-10 doesn't expand.

    As for the Big Ten, it just makes sense that the conference would add a 12th team, and the most obvious choice would be Notre Dame (but that ain't gonna happen). Beyond ND maybe Pitt would be a good fit or if the conference looks to the west maybe add Iowa State? I saw an article claiming Texas would be interested which makes sense financially but seems bizarre based on tradition and geography.

    Iowa State probably seems the most logical.