Saturday, September 5, 2009


The following is taken from David Caravello's article on in which he discusses Carl's broken foot-

"Tony Stewart has been banged up plenty of times, but it's always been in a race car. In fact, he took a spill Wednesday night in a midget race in Macon, Ill., an accident that led to some inaccurate Twitter reports that the Sprint Cup points leader had been injured. Thus far, he's managed to avoid the kind of freak off-track accidents that have plagued so many of his peers. Of course, who knows what may happen now that Stewart has the martial arts robe and red belt given to him Saturday by Robert Wiest, the owner of Dragon Dojo in Panama City, Fla., and the winner of a small business contest held by Office Depot, Stewart's primary car sponsor.

"He's teaching me how to use instruments to eliminate all stupid questions," the two-time NASCAR champion quipped. "So pretty soon we're going to have a stupid-question-free media center."

Kristen, you'd better start learning to duck!!!

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  1. LMAO! If he can get that robe to close around his gi-normous gut of his then I will worry - but no way will it keep me from asking YOUR stupid questions SB!!!

    =P =) =O