Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Trifecta- Fiddle Dee Dee Edition

This week, the Trifecta returns to Atlanta- home of that paragon of Southern virtue and charm (not to mention the namesake of our favorite beagle), Katie Scarlett O'Hara.

This week's featured races are:

The Nationwide Series race from Atlanta. The green flag drops Saturday night at 7:16pm ET.

The Camping World Truck Series race from Iowa. The green flag drops Saturday night at 10:02pm ET.

The Sprint Cup Series race from Atlanta. The green flag drops Sunday night at 7:46pm ET.

The Rules:

1. For the Nationwide race, you must pick a driver who DOES NOT run full time in the Sprint Cup series.

2. Please post any driver changes on this blog. Changes for a race can be made right up to the time for the green flag. As long as your post is time stamped BEFORE the time listed for the green flag , it is a valid change.

Good luck, and let's go racing!!!


  1. N'wide: Brad K
    Truck: Colin Braun
    Cup: Edwards

  2. NNS- Justin Allgier

    Truck- Brian Scott

    Cup- Brian Vickers

  3. NNS - Justin Allgier
    Truck - Ron Hornaday
    Cup - Kurt Busch

  4. NNS- Brad K

    Truck- R Hornaday

    CUP- J Johnson

  5. Cup: Stewart

    Truck: Skinner

    NW: Lefler

  6. Ah Scarlet, you look mity perty even in curtains.

    Oh Rhett, you say the daindiest things to make a lady blush.

  7. Ok I am going all Earnhardt in a way,, unless Dillion is not in the race, then I will change it.
    NW - Dale Jr
    Trucks - Dillion #3
    Cup - Dale Jr

  8. Um, F2 you can't pick a Cup regular for the Nationwide race.

  9. NNS- Brad K

    Truck- R Hornaday

    Cup - Kyle Busch

    But pulling for Bill, Reed and David.

  10. That rule in NW is going to hurt when we have 14 cup drivers this race and 10 of them being top cup drivers. Only 3 NW drivers where in the top 10 at Atlanta 2008 and in 2007 none made the top 15.

    I guess I go with Brad Keselowski for now in NW.

    Thanks for doing this and I don't mean to be a pain in the a&&, I can see the rule if we have only a few cup drivers like most races, but +10 great teams to 3 or 4 is alot.

    Cheers2All and goodluck,

  11. Truck--Matt Crafton

    NNS--Steve Wallace

    Cup--Mark Martin

  12. F2.... pick Elmer Fladsizki! LOL

  13. No penalty for repeat driver picking I presume....


    Trucks - Skinner

    Nationwide - Jason Leffler (Jon, my sources tell me Steven is still spinning somewhere in Quebec)

    Cup - Mark "the man" Martin (I may have just invented that nickname)

  14. broomy; "the man" is what Mark Webber gets called by me to counter that idiotic name JR, Jimmy and Kenny insist on using for Mark Martin....NASCAR Victory Lane has never sounded so good when muted *contented sigh*

    NW - Brendan Gaughan
    Trucks - Brian Scott
    Cup - Jeff Gordon

  15. Whoops! Almost missed this...

    NW - Mike Bliss
    CW - Ron Hornaday

    Have a great holiday weekend everyone

  16. Speedy, If Dillion is not in the truck race I want MATT CROFTON, I won't be able to change it if he is not in the race after qualifying is over.

    NW - Jason Leffler

    Sticking with
    Cup - Dale Jr


  17. Thanks for putting up the grid for Sunday,, and now lol,, change

    NW- Jason Keller

  18. My picks-

    NNS- Brad Keselowski

    CWTS- Tayler Malsam

    NSCS- Kasey Kahne

  19. For some reason, 5 cars on the lead lap at the end of the race doesn't leave me with a lot of optimisim for the Cup race.

    The standings(with truck picks):

    RA6AN 4 Braun
    CR 4 Hornaday
    Beverly 4 Hornaday
    SBeagle 4 Malsam
    Stork 17 Scott
    Kristen 17 Hornaday
    photogr 20 Skinner
    Jbroomy 20 Skinner
    jon_464 23 Crafton
    Tez 31 Scott
    moseby 34 Hornaday
    F2 37 Dillon

  20. After the truck race:

    RA6AN 7 Edwards
    CR 8 Johnson
    Beverly 8 Kyle B
    SBeagle 14 Kahne
    Kristen 21 Kurt
    photogr 21 Stewart
    Jbroomy 21 Martin
    Stork 26 Vickers
    jon_464 29 Martin
    moseby 38 Montoya
    Tez 40 Jeffie
    F2 49 Earnhardt Jr

  21. I'm going for last out, Forensic! :P

  22. CR....I stole your first 2 answers but are you sure you want to go with Jimmy?lol TEZ, change it to Kyle!!!

  23. Well, for a while there,it looked like a 3 person race between RA6AN, CR, and Beverly. RA6AN dropped out when CaVCrl ran over some debris. That left CR and Beverly to fight it out for the win; however, CR's chance at the win snapped along with JJ's axle. Just when it looked like Beverly was going to take the win, Kyle had handling issues after a pit stop, leaving the door open for the fearless beagle to come in and grab the win. The results:

    SpeedBeagle 15
    Beverly 21
    Jbroomy 26
    photogr 32
    Stork 33
    jon_464 34
    moseby 41
    RA6AN 44
    CR 44
    Tez 48
    Kristen 59
    F2 66

  24. Congrats, Speedy! Even if I had changed to Kenseth, you would've beat me! Oh well, at least I finished better than Kristen (a rarity)!!!

  25. Congrats SB! you sure have been winning a lot of these...are you up to 5 yet!??! We might need to double check your spreadsheet... LOL

    I sure am sucking at this lately! Gotta stop picking Kurt!!!!!


    Sorry I was scarce this weekend...out of town for most of it. Just catching up now.

  26. Thanks for the recap SB... Greta win for ya!!!

  27. well done SB, way to nip in front on the last race!