Sunday, August 30, 2009

Who Would You Throw Under The Bus?

It's that time of week again! What in the world of sports has got you, the sports fan, in a tizzy this week? What has got you so mad that you want to call __________ out? Here, you can call them out by throwing them under the Bus. I have a few that I want to throw under. And away we go!


Mike Sellers: the Washington Redskins' FB angered a LOT of people, myself included, when he threw down the American flag like it was a football, and he had scored a go-ahead touchdown. He says it was in the "heat of the moment". Yeah, and I'm Prince Charles. I'm not buying it for a moment. For his reprehensible treatment of the American flag, Sellers gets thrown under the Bus.

Brandon Marshall: the Broncos' WR proceeded to get himself kicked out of the team's training camp and get suspended for the rest of the preseason. Someone should get ahold of him and tell him to stop acting like a petulant baby and be a professional. He says he's learned from his past mistakes. Sure. He looks like he's making the same mistakes he did before. We'll buy your explanation when you stop acting like an idiot. In the meantime, you get thrown under the Bus.

Denver Broncos: for trading Jay Cutler. Cutler came in and EMBARRASSED the Ponies' defense in the Bears' preseason win over the Ponies. Trading Cutler for Kyle Orton is like trading in your brand spanking new Maybach for a beat-up Geo Prism with high mileage. Needless to say, the Ponies are in for a LONG season. But not before they get thrown under the Bus first.


Tampa Bay Rays: they traded Scott Kazmir to the Anaheim Angels for a couple of prospects. To trade a young stud lefty like Kazmir is a HUGE risk. The Rays don't have the luxury of a big window to win. Basically, their time is NOW. Carl Crawford will be a free agent after next season. Ben Zobrist will be highly coveted by many teams, as he is a five-tool player (the San Francisco Giants could have had him in the offseason if they had pulled the trigger). Unless they play their cards perfectly, they'll be the Devil Rays of old. For trading Kazmir, the Rays get thrown under the Bus.


J.R. Smith: the Denver Nuggets' forward pled guilty to reckless driving in New Jersey and earned himself a suspension for the first seven games of the season. For putting his team in a hole to start the season, Smith gets thrown under the Bus.

Jason Richardson: he pled guilty to drunken driving in Arizona and will sit out the first two games of the season. I have to be consistent and throw Richardson under the Bus for putting the Suns in a hole.

Those are my nominees for the week. Feel free to come in with yours.


  1. Hey, Jon.....Don't know nothin' 'bout these guys. The NW race was so good, I thought for sure you'd write a GBU!lol

  2. NASCAR gets thrown under 43 buses for ruining a race by putting on the rain tires!

    Tony Eury Sr was exactly right when he said, "These guys can't drive when it's dry, let alone in the rain."

    What a joke the end of that race was. Any car from about 5th place on back was at the mercy of the idiots around them. Might as well just race on ice!

  3. Also, what ARE the Rays doing? Never, ever get rid of a LH pitcher! Especially a decent starter like Kazmir. I could sort of understand it if they were out of the Wildcard race. They're not, are they?

    This is no way to get that new stadium they want built.

  4. The whole team of the Carolina Panthers. Especially the defense. If they don't perform better in the regular season than they did Saturday night in Charlotte, they are not going to win a single game this year.

  5. Hey Jon, nice job as usual, but I must respectfully disagree with you in regards to Scott Kazmir. Being a Rays fan I am not happy to see Scott go, but given the fact that baseball has no salary cap and the Rays are a small market team ,the move makes sense. Kazmir has not been the same pitcher since his injury last year and even though his last 2 outings had been strong his era is almost 6. Also they are dumping a lot of money that can be used for more urgent needs as the Rays' farm system is loaded with good young pitchers.

    I know that I am biased when it comes to the Rays, but in my opinion this was the right decision by the organization.

    Always a pleasure my friend, take care.

  6. I saw nothin' sports related this weekend so I got nothin' for ya, although I have heard many many people upset about that Montreal race.

  7. Kristen; I personally don't know why people would be upset about Montreal. Yes it rained, but it was nowhere near as heavy as last year so it didn't warrant being called off. And that finish was a classic...despite the way it ended for me, lol

    However, I also agree with Gene...many drivers were completely out of line with how stupid they were driving in those conditions.

  8. Beverly, I liked the NW race up until Ambrose made that mistake and gave Edwards the win. GRRRR.

    Gene, with no rain tires, NASCAR could have well called off the race, and they would have back in the day. I do agree with you that 5th place on back was at the mercy of the idiots--are you sure David Stremme wasn't entered in the race? Because they must have taken pointers from him!

    Tsfan, in fairness to the Panthers, Beason's out until Week 1 of the season, Stewart's banged up with an Achilles tendon injury, Smitty's nicked already. And of course Kemoeatu is out for the season. I don't think Fox will play the starters at all. He uses preseason as an evaluation of the depth, with the exception of Week 3, when Delhomme played into the fourth quarter.

    Aero, thanks for reading and commenting. Even though Kazmir has an ERA of over 6, you don't give up on him in the middle of a wild card race. If you trade him, do so in the offseason. If Kazmir is the Kazmir of 2008, the Angels' path to the World Series got a LOT easier.

    Kristen, I was heartbroken for Marcos. But Edwards put himself in a situation where he could take advantage of a mistake. This bodes well for him in the Chase.

    Tez, it didn't rain as much as I thought it would. When I saw that big black cloud not far from the track, I figured the heavens would open up. But the cloud bypassed the track.

  9. I am thinking about taking an interest in the Foot ball sports. Just in case the chase gets to be a bit boring.