Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Vote For Katie

Ok, so you're not exactly voting for Katie; you're voting for her question. As you may know by now, Katie's beloved Tony will be strapped to a polygraph on October 20th and will answer questions live online beginning at 1:00pm ET. Fans are being asked to submit questions for Tony.

Our intrepid beagle has posted her own question for Tony(no, not THAT question), and now she needs your help. It's really very easy.

Go to truthabouttony.com and scroll to the end of the page. Click on the tab that says "Top Questions" and look for the one submitted by Katie Scarlett in Texas(right now, it's on page 2 with 233 votes). You don't have to sign up unless you want to submit a question. We think you can vote as much as you want(we originally thought it was once a day), so as they say in Duvall County, vote early and vote often.

Thank you for all your support(and if anyone wants to submit that OTHER question, like maybe Millie from California, Katie will be more than happy to vote for you, too).


  1. is it true that Ryan Newman is having surgery after Homestead, a givanektamy?

    sorry, couldn't resist:P

  2. Hey, my Labradors resembled that remark- a long and storied line of champion retrievers that you couldn't keep a collar on because none of them had a neck. They were all head and shoulders(but the best danged hunting dogs you could ask for).

  3. I don't reall if our lab was the same or not...we've had 3 cats since then. Indeed, the only things I remember about our lab was her name and that she ran straight through a glass door without getting any shards embedded :)