Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Trifecta- Caast to Coast Edition

This week, the Trifecta goes bi-coastal for our three chosen races. They are:

1.) The NASCAR Nationwide Race from California, Saturday 10/10; the green flag drops at 4:46pm ET.
NOTE: You may not pick the same driver for both the Nationwide and the Cup races.

2.) The IRL season finale from Homestead, Saturday 10/10; the green flag drops at 5:00pm ET.

3.) The NASCAR Sprint Cup race from California, Sunday 10/11; the green flag drops at 3:31pm ET.

That's it. Ready, set, race!!!

Good luck.


  1. NW- Kyle Busch
    IRL - Scott Dixion
    Cup - Mark Martin

    and number is 2, what else from me. lol

  2. Ok its my last Trifecta for a few weeks!

    NW - Carl
    IRL - Helio
    Cup - JJ

  3. Thanks F2. The reason for the number is that CR left his picks for this week's Trifecta on last week's post seeing as hpw he will be at the track this weekend. I didn't think it was fair to give him a week up on everyone, but I also didn't think it fair to put him at the bottom either. I figured I let someone else decide and hence, the number. Since Kristen has already posted as well, I'll bump CR down to 3rd.

    Kristen- You can still make picks for the races you'll miss. Next week's races are Cup, Nationwide and F1; the week after that Cup, Nationwide, and Trucks.

  4. NW--Kevin Harvick

    IRL--Graham Rahal

    Cup--Greg Biffle


  5. jon-

    Your picks are entered, There was no need to pick a number- F2 took care of that.

  6. Thank's SB... I decided to bring my laptop with me, so here's my picks, and you don't have to worry where to put me. LOL

    NNS- Kyle Busch
    IRL- Dario
    Cup- Jimmie

    This morning I'm in Garlic Central, Gilroy. Outside is a heavy marine layer cloud cover. But once the the ALMS cars fire up for qualifying, that should burn off. I wish I was spending the entire weekend here. But, I'll have fun down at the Cup race Sunday too!

  7. Have fun CR!! Are you going to meet up with Ragan?? If I wasn't flying out tomorrow I would have come down to meet up too...

    Doesnt it STINK down there!! LOL

    Ok SB -- I'll think ahead...

    For Lowes weekend --
    NW - Allgaier
    Cup - JJ
    F1 - Alonso

    For Martinsville weekend --
    Trucks - Thorn Busch (if he isnt running then do Crafton)
    NW - Allgaier
    Cup - Gordon

  8. Kristen... I sent RA6AN my cell number. So we'll see. Have a safe trip. Where are you going?

  9. Australia!! 2 weeks...leave tomorrow...

  10. Kristen, have a great time Down Under!

    Cord, hope you can make it to the Sonoma race next year!

  11. I plan on it Jon. It's a heck of a lot closer than Fontana!

    Kristen over the international dateline; Is today, tomorrow? Or the other way around?

  12. IRL - Mr. Ashley Judd

    NW - Kyle Busch

    CUP - Juan

  13. WAIT, WAIT, WAIT.....KYLE IS SICK!!!!!

    Change my NATIONWIDE TO

    Brad K.

    Thank you, SB!

  14. F2- I've been out shopping all day for craft show projects, and just got home about half an hour ago.

    As for the rest of you=

    Kristen 3
    jon 4
    Beverly 5
    F2 31
    CR 31

    Looks like Beverly's last minute substitution was the right call. Back after the IRL race.

  15. Well, that was quick. Looks like a 2 person race between Beverly and Kristen.

    Beverly 6
    Kristen 8
    jon 15
    CR 32
    F2 34

  16. Woot! I might actually win one...perhaps I need to leave more often!

    International Date line = today is tomorrow. We leave Sat PM and land Mon AM there...loopy!

  17. Wow, this has been an interesting Trifecta weekend, proving once again the unpredictable nature of auto racing. CR picked two winners this week, but ends up with 33 points because Kyle/Denny hit the wall in the Nationwide race.

    As for who won, well NASCAR should hope for finishes like this. After all 3 races, Kristen and Beverly are tied with 9 points each, but it gets even better. Both ladies picked a winner, a 3rd, and a 5th although not in the same races. Since Kristen posted her picks before Beverly, she wins the tiebreaker and this week's Trifecta- her first here at BLogspot.

    The standings:

    Kristen 9 - Kristen wins the tiebreaker
    Beverly 9
    CR 33
    jon 35
    F2 38

  18. Wow, two 1st place picks, and then there's Kyle... hmmm.

    Congrats to Bev, since Kristen is unable to accept the award... LOL

  19. Congratulations, Kristen!

    Thank you, Kanye, I mean CR!lol