Saturday, October 10, 2009

SYMT Grid Chase Race 4 Fontana

Here is are grid.

1. CR - Denny H
2. HFL - Biffle
3. Speed - Jimmie
4. Gunny - Montoya
5. Aero - Truex Jr
6. Moseby - Logano
7. Volfan - Harvick - Thanks to CR moved up one.
8. Hanny - Bowyer
9. Storkjrc - Martin
10. Klvalus - J. Gordon
11. Tsfanpc - Edwards - Thanks to CR moved up one.
12. Tezgm99 - A J Dinger
13. F-2 - NOT 2 WEEKS IN A ROW - Front row Joe
14. Photogr - Stremme - Thanks to CR he didn't give him more to pass me and get (( Joe I know the way to the garage after one lap of racing. ))

Good luck to all. CHEERSSSSSSSS


  1. Nice driver lineup for the Blue Team.

    A note to Tsfan- we have put the voodoo duck out of Katie's reach for the race.

  2. Woot! Go Big Daddy - win me some points so my team can take them...

    Bye everyone! Will be back in about 2 weeks - SB you are in charge around here...!

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  4. Thank you CR for the help.

    So SB is that why I have been getting crappy drivers, Katie has been playing with her voodoo rabbit? lol