Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Update, On the SYMT teams

Just so everyone understands the blue team vs red team in the SYMT Chase. What each team wants is to get as many if not all higher up then the other team members. Really if one team gets the top 7 spots they will win or anything close to it. The more at the top the better.

The ones who have alot of points need to help out the others and try to stay on top to win or maybe feel they want some one else to have that honur. Example 1 - CR who has the most points gave some to Photogr to try and push him up from the bottom. Thats great.

Example 2 - Klvalus wants to give some of her points to the top 2 on her team which shows she is a great team mate but, we need her to move up for now and keep her points till she has moved up.

Hope this helps.
Thanks and allways CHEERS!!


  1. Sounds like Peter robbing Paul to pay for an Almond Joy! LOL

  2. I gladly pay you tuesday for a hamburger today.

  3. Like I said before glad that it is you who is keeping up with all this and not me. lol

  4. Check Louden SYMT results for more points distribution...

  5. now I am more confused than ever...

    Ok F2 I will keep my points but am willing to give them up to you leaders at anytime.

  6. Points points what is the points? Confusion abounds, teams gang up to win more points, only to give points to other team mates.

    Hey! Now that is a good idea. Why didn't we think of this before?