Sunday, September 20, 2009

Who Would You Throw Under The Bus?

Sports fans, it's that time of week again. What in the world of sports has got you in a tizzy? You can call out the object of your ire by throwing them under the Bus. And not feel guilty about it. This is a guilt-free zone here at Who Would You Throw Under The Bus?. I have a few nominees this week.

Shane Mosley: he barged in, WWE-style, into Floyd "Money" Mayweather's post-fight interview. Mayweather had dominated Juan Manuel Marquez en route to a unanimous decision over Marquez. Mosley then had to act like an ass and tried to provoke Mayweather in an effort to get a payday. For acting like a total ass, Mosley gets thrown under the Bus.

Jeff Reed: the Steelers' kicker missed two short field goals that would have given the Steelers a hard-fought win in Chicago. For costing his team a win, Reed gets thrown under the Bus.

Kevin Harvick: he was upset that Ron Hornaday was racing him late in the Truck Series race on Saturday, allowing Kyle Busch to win. NEWS FLASH, Kevin--that's what Hornaday's SUPPOSED to do. You're paying him to RACE. He was doing his job. Had Hornaday been a lap down and was racing him, Harvick's ire would have been understandable. But Hornaday was in second, behind only Busch. While Harvick had a strong truck, it wasn't as strong as he thought; he couldn't overtake Hornaday even though Hornaday gave him LOTS of room on the inside. So Harvick should be upset at himself and not Hornaday. Perhaps it's the frustration of his worst Cup season boiling over. But I'll solve this by throwing Harvick under the Bus that Hornaday is driving.

Milton Bradley: the Cubs' OF got himself suspended for the remainder of the season for critical comments about the team. The Cubs say it was for "conduct detrimental to the team." The sad part is that Bradley has mad game, but is a major head case. At this pace, he'll be out of the league before long. Apparently, anger management courses haven't worked with this guy. Bradley gets thrown under the Bus as part of his anger management class.

Those are my nominees for the week. Feel free to come in with yours!


  1. Great choices this week.

    Another fighter barging into a post-fight interview is almost standard procedure. It all started about 30 years ago with that damned Clubber Lang.

    Harvick's spring has sprung. WTH was he so pissed about? He couldn't pass Horny....yet he thought he was fast enough to catch Kyle? I was expecting Kev to have a black eye on Sunday and Ron to be unemployed.

  2. Call in the Shrink - Happy is no longer...

  3. Sounds like Mosley's been spending too much time with Kanye West.

  4. Gene, thanks. I'm wondering if Harvick's time as a driver has come and gone. Perhaps, and I'm hoping, this year is an aberration. I wouldn't have blamed Hornaday if he were to take a swing at Harvick; it would have been justified, IMO. Or at the least get in Harvick's face to read him the Riot Act, driver to driver.

    Kristen, are you willing to volunteer? I need that Happy Harvick back.

    SB, maybe they were crushing Hennessy in the suite and West whispered in his ear, "You DESERVE that pay day."