Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Trifecta- Build Your Own Edition

I'm posting the Trifecta a day early because I expect there to be some questions about this week's format.

Last week, we had our first perfect Trifecta since the big move. F2 went 3 for 3 with his picks of Kyle Busch (trucks), Scott Dixon (IRL), and Mark Martin (Cup). Will we see another perfect score this week?

This week, the Trifecta will be a "Build Your Own" format. Choose a driver from 3 of the 4 races listed below. Choose your races carefully. Once a RACE is chosen, it cannot be changed. Drivers may be changed up until the time of the scheduled green flag.

Race #1: The NASCAR Nationwide Series race from Dover, Saturday 9-26; green flag drops at 3:45pm ET.

Race #2: The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race from Las Vegas, Saturday 9-26; green flag drops at 9:49pm ET.

Race #3: The Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix Sunday 9-27; green flag drops at 8:00am ET.

Race #4: The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race from Dover Sunday 9-27; green flag drops at 2:15pm ET.

Good luck, and let's go racing.


  1. NNS - Ryan Newman

    F1 - Nico Rosberg

    Cup - Greg Biffle

  2. Race 1 NW - Kyle Busch
    Race 2 Trucks - Mike Skinner
    race 3 F1 - Lewis Hamilton

    I do better on my picks when I don't get to watch or even follow it on the computer in past, last week the first 2 races I didn't get to see and for one reason I didn't get to watch the cup race live and had to watch the reair the next

    Week before I was doing great till I started to follow the trucks on the computer and my driver was in top 5 and then racing for the win with Crofton. So I am picking the first 2 races I can't watch and will record the

  3. Good one SB! I can never pick the Cup race anymore so I'll go with:

    NNS - Kyle Busch

    Truck - Hornaday

    F1 - Button

    Congrats to F2 on the "PERFECTA!"

  4. hmm, this could be interesting, lol

    I shall wait until I see some practice times before picking this time :)

  5. Congratulations to F2 on his perfect Trifecta! Here are my choices:

    Truck--Matt Crafton (gotta go with Ole Reliable!)

    F1--Kimi Raikonnen

    NNS--Clint Bowyer

  6. I'm changing my NNS pick to Carl Edwards. As far as the other two, I gotta go with the Kimster and the local guy (to me, that is).

  7. tez-

    I thought you'd approve of this idea. I'm thinking about doing this for all the weekends that there are more than 3 series running- except for Memorial Day weekend; that will remain the 3 marquee races.

  8. ooo - something new, nice idea.

    The three that count

    F1 - Kimi Raikkonen
    Nationwide - Kyle Busch
    Trucks - Mike Skinner

    (Cup - Carl Edwards - but this doesn't count)

  9. NNS - Kyle Busch

    Truck - Hornaday

    Cup - Junyer

  10. Nationwide: Kyle Busch
    Truck: Mike Skinner
    Cup: Greg Biffle

  11. NNS - Rowdy Busch

    F1 - Barrichello


  12. SB... I'm changing my F1 driver to Sebastian Vettel. He's too fast to ignore!

  13. Cup Stewart
    Truck Skinner
    NW Edwards
    F1 Bordass or Badass I think

  14. photo-

    you only need to pick 3 of the 4 races. I'll just take the 1st 3 unless I hear otherwise.

  15. The Beagle is going with:

    NNS- Brad Keselowski

    F1- Rubens Barrichello

    Cup- Jimmie Johnson

  16. Dover weather report-

    60% chance of rain Saturday

    80% chance of rain Sunday

  17. NW - Denny Hamlin...if he fails me like he did at Richmond, I swear I'll spit on any FedEx truck I see from now on.

    Trucks - will give you a driver once I see some practice times (get your butt in gear, NOL!).

    F1 - Hamilton has the KERS while Vettel does not but I'll take the man who would have won last year had Renault got DQ'd....Nico Rosberg.

  18. Speed beage:

    That is fine. At one point I was thinking Mikey Waltrip but this was for the winner of the races not the DNF or wrecker.

  19. I'll go with Todd Bodine for the Truck race

  20. ok, so that was entirely Brad's buy anything but Go Daddy, yeah!

  21. The Nationwide race is history, and for a while it looked like we would all be stuck behind the Kyle Busch bandwagon; however, Brad Keselowski managed to push his way through the KB juggernaut(and Denny Hamlin- sorry Tez) to give the Beagle the early lead. Jon_464 changed his driver and went from 1st place with Clint Bowyer to a tie for 3rd place with Carl Edwards. Tez won't be registering any domain names with after contact from Brad Keselowski took Denny Hamlin out late in the race, and Ryan Newman had issues with Matt Kenseth sending CR to the basement.

    The standings after one race:

    SB 3 --
    F2 4 Skinner
    Klv 4 Hornaday
    Jbroomy 4 Skinner
    Beverly 4 Hornaday
    Tsfan 4 Skinner
    moseby 4 --
    jon 5 Crafton
    photo 5 Skinner
    Tez 27 Bodine
    CR 30 --

    Up next is tonight's CWTS race, where the Kyle Busch bandwagon turns into the Mike Skinner bandwagon. SB, moseby, and CR will be sitting this one out, so updated standings will be posted after tomorrow's F1 race.

  22. Weather report from Dover- 100% chance of rain tomorrow. Will we even see a Cup race???????

  23. looks like Las Vegas forgot to pay their power bill for one of their lights, LOLOL!

  24. d'oh....Nico gets a drivethrough for crossing the pit lane line on exiting. He'll drop from 2nd to outside the top 10 most likely *sigh*

  25. With all players having completed 2 races, the standings look like this-

    jon 7
    SB 9
    Klv 10
    Beverly 10
    moseby 10
    F2 11
    Jbroomy 11
    Tsfan 11
    photo 12
    Tez 31
    CR 34

  26. This is very close with those who are done and those that have cup race to come. I think I am the lowest with 12 points with all 3 races done and have one winner to take tie.

    SB - 9 JJ needs second place or better to win
    Tsfanpc - 11 Biffle needs win to tie
    Moseby - 10 Montoya - needs 1st to win
    Beverly - 10 Dale Jr - needs 1st to win
    F2 - 12 - done
    Thats if I got the numbers right SB?

    SB,, If by chance Tsfanpc and me end up in a tie having both 1 win. I will give up my spot due to her picking the cup race which has a worst out come then the F1 race over all.

    Goodluck to the above and Cheers.

  27. F2- That's what my spreadsheet says, so your numbers are good.

  28. F2- That's what my spreadsheet says, so your numbers are good.

  29. Well, those last 10 laps, I could hear F2 yelling for something to happen to Jimmie Johnson all the way from England. It just wasn't meant to be as Jimmie came home with the win giving the Beagle her 4th Trifecta win since the move.

    With all races completed-

    SB 10
    F2 12
    moseby 14
    Klv 15
    jon 17
    Jbroomy 21
    photo 21
    Tsfan 24
    Beverly 30
    Tez 42
    CR 47

    Thanks for playing and see you next week!!

  30. Congrats again SB! At least I was somewhat close this time around...thanks for hosting!