Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Trifecta- Let the Chase Begin Edition

The races:
  1. The Camping World Truck Series Race from New Hampshire- green flag at 3:19pm ET, Saturday 9,19
  2. The IRL race from Japan- green flag at 11:00pmET Saturday 9.19
  3. The Sprint Cup race from New Hampshire- green flag at 2:15pmET Sunday 9,20

Look for a new twist to the Trifecta next week.

Good luck and let's go racing!


  1. Hornaday

    Mr. Ashley Judd

    Tony Stewart

  2. Trucks - Hornaday
    IRL - Briscoe
    Cup - Kurt

  3. Trucks - Kyle Busch
    IRL - Scott Dixon
    Cup - Mark Martin

  4. CWTS.....Kyle


    Cup......J Johnson

  5. Trucks - Mike Skinner (Exide Batteries listed as the sponsor, now that's classic NASCAR).

    IRL - Dario

    Cup - Clint Bowyer

  6. Trucks--Matt Crafton

    IRL--Graham Rahal

    Cup--Kevin Harvick

  7. Trucks - Kevin Harvick
    Indycar - I'll risk it....Danica Patrick
    Cup - Jeff Gordon

  8. Trucks - Colin Braun
    IRL - Helio the dancing Castroneves
    Cup - The Biff

  9. I should have waited on

    Truck - Hornaday

    IRL - Helio (change please)

    Cup - Tony Stewart

    Thank you, Katie.

  10. truck Skinner

    IRL Canaan

    Cup Jimmie Jonhson. can't believe I picked him

  11. Trucks- Harvick

    IRL- Danica (another tear jerker???)

    Cup- Kyle

  12. for those interested; the Indycar coverage is on now.

  13. since CR has stolen two thirds of my list, I'll switch to Scott Dixon for tonights' Indy race please, SB :)

  14. cars are rolling now.

    row 1 - Dixon, Moreas
    row 2 - Briscoe, Franchitti
    row 3 - probably doesn't matter, LOL

    Castroneves and Mutoh crashed during quals so they're starting at the back along with Kanaan.

  15. Indy race or Rugby League finals....sorry, as an Aussie, it has to be the League so updates on the race during ad breaks and halftime only :P

  16. Dario, Scott, Wheldon, Ryan, Moraes top 5 after 62 of 200 laps

  17. Well shoot! The FOX schedule said the Indy race was TOMORROW night. Looks like the Beagle won't be playing this week. Tez- your change is noted.

  18. first yellow after halfway....and Briscoe collected the pit exit stand and cone.

  19. unsure about any damage but if he has, the title race has just opened back up for the Ganassi boys to gain on him....Conway brought out the yellow by the way.

    doesn't surprise me over the scheduling, SB...I looked on the indy site and it lists the Japan time first (as it's Saturday there) then the EST time after, I mixed it up too and only found out when I was flicking through the channel guide at 7:30.

  20. yup, Ryan got damage....replacing his suspension and he's already down 2 laps. Saving grace is it'a under yellow I guess but still, his points lead will suffer a dent today.

  21. oh, halftime score in the NRL game I'm watching; Eels 13 - Titans 2

    whoever loses this is eliminated. The eels did what I said hadn't been done in my blog and knocked off St George last week (I got that wrong anyway as team 8 beat team 1 last season too, dang it).

  22. basically, what Briscoe did was a rookie thing; floored it after his pit stop, car turned left and he hit the exit cone and scraped the inside pit wall.

  23. oops, top 5 after 120 laps: Scott, Dario, Wheldon, Matos, Servia

  24. Briscoe's back in the race....but 11 laps down.

    and where are my manners; thank you muchly for letting me change drivers, SB :)

  25. as it stands now, Dixon would lead over Dario (5 points) with Ryan dropping to 3rd, a scant 8 points behind with just the season finale left.

  26. Sorry Tez. I didn't look at what others picked. Is the race over? I just came in.

  27. Damn international dateline! Why is it Saturday in Japan? I missed the race!

  28. After the IRL race-

    F2 1
    tez 1
    broomy 2
    jon_464 3
    CR 6
    moseby 10
    Beverly 10
    photogr 11
    Hanahan 13
    Kristen 18

  29. Speedbeagle,, take 19 points for the IRL race and get your other 2 picks in !!!!!

  30. After the Truck race-

    F2 2
    tez 4
    jon_464 7
    CR 9
    broomy 10
    Beverly 12
    Hanahan 14
    moseby 19
    photogr 19
    Kristen 20

    Looks like F2 is shooting for the perfect Trifecta. His driver for the Cup race is Mark Martin. Will the old man bring home the victory and give us our first perfect score at blogspot?

  31. While I don't think Martin will win at Loudon, he's got enough to give F2 the Trifecta win.

  32. Well, Juan Pablo did everything he could to win the race except wreck Mark Martin, and so we have our 1st perfect Trifecta at blogspot.

    Congrats to F2 on the perfect score!

    F2 1 1 1 3
    CR 3 6 5 14
    Hanahan 1 13 4 18
    tez 3 1 15 19
    broomy 8 2 10 20
    photogr 8 11 4 23
    Beverly 2 10 14 26
    Kristen 2 18 6 26
    moseby 9 10 9 28
    jon_464 4 3 32 39

  33. Thanks Speedbeagle for taking the time this week to do the trifecta plus the symt post as well. Thanks CR, I tell you a story on the symt results as to why I was late on here and absent during race chatt cause this won't be seen by many. lol.