Friday, September 18, 2009

Chase Question of the Week

Consider the following-

  1. Richard Childress Racing and Earnhardt Ganassi Racing have a partnership agreement for RCR to provide engines for EGR.
  2. None of the RCR drivers made the Chase this year.
  3. Juan Pablo Montoya, who drives for EGR, did make the Chase.

With all that in mind, your thoughts on the following question-

With no RCR drivers in the Chase, will RCR send its best engine to Juan Pablo????


  1. I don't think they will do anything different than what they have been doing all year. You get what you get.

  2. I think this scenario isnt much different than Smoke getting "lesser" equipment from HMS. And clearly we see that has already started! LOL

  3. The EGR/RCR deal is more than just a "satellite" operation like SHR and HMS. Tony buys whatever HMS sells him, but as I understand it, EGR and RCR are in a partnership to build engines together.

    And before you go writing Tony off for the season, just remember- it ain't over until the fat lady sings, and from the looks of qualifying, she hasn't even shown up at the auditorium.

  4. No. RCR won't make any more money if JPM does well or not.

  5. No; I don't think RCR is going to give Montoya better equipment than their own drivers.

  6. As SpeedBeagle stated, EGR and RCR are in a partnership to build engines. They have an engine building program together that gives their engines to the RCR and EGR cars. So perhaps JPM COULD get the best engines. It sure looks like it based on qualifying and practice!