Sunday, August 23, 2009

Who Would You Throw Under The Bus? -- August 23, 2009

Sports fans, it's that time of week again! It's time to call out your favorite sports figures, teams, etc., for their idiocy, insolence, and general all-around dumb-A$$e4y. You can do that by throwing them under the Bus. Because of the bad economy, we here at Who Would You Throw Under The Bus? are resorting to the short bus, meaning we have to run them over more often to get the same effect as before. And away we go!!!


Kevin Harvick: I wasn't going to do this initially, but after further review, I must. He in effect cost teammate Clint Bowyer any chance at the Chase when he made contact with Bowyer. Bowyer slapped the wall as Harvick was being tagged by Jamie McMurray (no fault of McMurray's). Bowyer was in and out of his pit several times during the caution for repairs and amazingly, did not lose a lap. Harvick's boneheaded move cost Bowyer a sure top 10, perhaps a top 5. Sounds like someone isn't Happy at RCR. But before you destroy your own reputation, you get thrown under Da Bus for costing Bowyer any chance at the Chase. You also get thrown under Da Bus for throwing YOUR pit crew under Da Bus during Da Race at Bristol. (I wonder how the RCR drivers' meeting will go this week, with Harvick bickering with Mears and now Bowyer?)

ESPN: once again, their race coverage left a LOT to be desired. Just because the race ran just past 11 PM EDT, they IMMEDIATELY cut away after the Victory Lane celebration to SportsCenter for the latest coverage of Brett Favre. Are you ESPN or freaking TMZ? Did I miss the memo that TMZ bought out ESPN? Give up your NASCAR coverage to a network that GENUINELY wants it. ESPN gets it's rear end thrown under Da Bus.


San Francisco Giants: their failure to land a MUCH-needed power bat at the trade deadline is coming back to bite them in the rear. While they made a good move to improve their infield defense in getting Freddy Sanchez from the Pirates, acquiring Adam Dunn COULD have put them over the top. Their lack of offense showed against the Colorado Rockies. Tim Lincecum can't win games 1-0 all season long. Neither can the rest of that superb staff. It bit them today in a series loss to the Colorado Rockies. The Giants scored two runs today. They lost 4-2 to the surging Rockies. For not getting a HUGE power bat, and losing a key series to the Rocks, the Giants get thrown under the Bus.

New York Mets: ONLY the Mets can find new and unusual ways to lose. Today it was via the triple play at the end of a 9-7 loss to the Philadelphia Phillies. The Mets had runners on 1st and 2nd with NO outs. With the runners going, Jeff Francoeur lines a shot up the middle. Eric Bruntlett was covering second base and the ball was lined right to him. He steps on second for the second out, and tags the runner going from first to second for the third and final out of the inning. End of game. Drive home safely. Phillies 9, Mets 7. The Mets are also bringing Omar Minaya back. Why? He has run this once-proud franchise into the ground. You have a brand-spanking new stadium, but an aging team with bad chemistry. He does NOTHING about it, except wring his hands. The Mets get thrown under the Bus, not so much for the triple play, but for bringing the Franchise Wrecker back.


The Media: for its incessant, non-stop, 24/7 Brett Favre coverage. We've heard this song before, and it's a yawner. Yeah, Favre's coming back. Yeah, he's with the Vikings, to stick it to Ted Thompson. Get over it. The Media get thrown under the Bus for its nonstop coverage.

Brett Favre: I'm lumping him in here as well. Yes, you want so badly to get over on Ted Thompson. But there is a reason he went with Aaron Rodgers: he's a better QB at this stage than you are, Brett. He gives the Packers a better chance to win NOW. So get over it. Favre gets thrown under the Bus.

Those are my nominees for the week. Feel free to come in with yours.


  1. I am SO sick of Favre! He's been doing this for 5 or 6 years now. Enough! I can't believe the way the media play this up. Callers and emailers to sports shows are just as bad. They all begin by saying they're sick of Favre... then proceed to talk about him for 10 minutes!

    Don't be so hard on your boy. It wasn't like Kevin meant to wreck anyone. Although he certainly wasn't Happy when interviewed while his car was being repaired.

  2. I nominate my local CBS affiliate's Sports Director. During EVERY news cast (6 & 10), he informs us of this tidbid of breaking news:

    "Day __ of the Michael Crabtree hold out, and the news out of San Francisco is that there is no news."

    I'd be interested in knowing if Crabtree is getting this much press in SF.

  3. Gene, I was following Harvick lap-by-lap on, and he had some pretty disparaging things to say about his crew. They botched a stop in which he was in there just over 18 seconds. He lost about 8 positions. Even when they did a good job, he said nothing. That's pretty telling. This year is a loss, and it's time to look forward to next year. Perhaps a reunion with Todd Berrier will work wonders. It wasn't Harvick's idea to swap crews with Casey Mears; it was Richard Childress' idea.

    SB, the Niners are playing hardball with Crabtree. From my understanding, they're sticking firm to their offer. He was waiting for Aaron Maybin to sign his contract before he would consider signing. Maybin signed, now the ball is in Crabtree's court. Get his idiot cousin out of there!

  4. Is Lincecum driving the bus?!

  5. the BC Lions....last season in the CFL they went all the way to the division final, now they're currently last in the West with a 3-5 record having been smashed by, uh, I think it was Winnipeg, on Friday night :(

  6. I feel for Happy - sounds just like the frustration Kurt expressed last year with anything and is really hard on these guys when things do not click. Hello shrinks!

    Under da bus is JJ's crew just because you so rarely get to pick on them...definitely blew that race for him tho.

    Crabtree who? Never heard of him here in SF...

  7. Well I can't say about ball sports. Didn't get to see all the the Bristol race. What I did see it seemed like the Mark Martin show till Kyle stole the spot light.

  8. Tez, I hear ya--it's frustrating to see a team do so well one year and be in the tank the next year.

    Kristen, at least Roger Penske was proactive--they worked hard during the offseason to get the car to run better. The results show. It just seems like RC doesn't WANT to figure out how to make the car run better. RCR rested on its laurels while every other team got better in the offseason. As for JJ's crew, they DEFINITELY go under Da Bus.

    Photogr, I think Kyle injected a breath of fresh air with that win, plus I think he's finally showing some maturity as a driver. As soon as he realizes he CAN win races like he did at Bristol, LOOK OUT.

  9. Great picks John,, The Happy thing is done and if Richard is letting him go then do it now and get next years driver in the 29. Whats the point, unless Pennzoil has him clamped to race the hole season,, but it would be great for them to get the media of a new driver this year if they are staying with RCR or are they with Kevin?


  10. Don't have any sports to throw under the bus, because everyone has already covered them, but I am going to throw work under the bus. Tired of spending my weekends working. Time for a break. lol

    Glad to see that I am not the only one tired of hearing about Brett Favre. GGGRRRRRRRRRRR

  11. Forensic, I think Happy will be released from his ride at the end of the season. The differences between him and RC are irreconcilable. Then Stewart-Haas will find a way to get him in a third SHR car. (Perhaps buying out Morgan-McClure Motorsports?)

    Tsfan, now it's all V**k, all the time.

  12. Have you checked out ? Looks like an official "Throw under the bus" site