Wednesday, August 26, 2009

NASCAR ( SYMT ) Bristol Results

We are off to Atlanta with the top 5 drivers all mathematically still in the hunt for season champion. Good luck to everyone on are last race of the season. Check out who is still in the hunt and grid. Changes to grid on paint scheme can be done before next week for those who are supersticious>>>>>> Storkjrc. lol
This week I will be doing one of my favorite NFL teams to give Hanahan and Moseby some company out on the track.




  1. Are you a Rams fan from the LA days or since they got good in St. Louis? Just wandering. It's awesome to see that paint job as the Rams are my team also!

  2. Jmayer, The old LA BOYS, Jack Young Blood,Billy Waddey,Pat haden,Vince Feragoma? Lawrance McCution?, and yes the best ever superbowl with them being the underdog to the Steelers. One play that will hunt them was in the late 3rd qt? on a 3rd down pass play Billy Waddey streek up the sidelines wide open for a TD for sure and a one point lead and Vince didn't see him. Pitt took over and march down and scored. They tryed in the 4th but that was a tought defence and that was that.

    Cleveland Browns as well, I know what a pair of teams to route