Thursday, August 27, 2009

Le Trifecta- Bienvenue a Montreal

Bonjour, tout le monde! Ce week-end, nous woyageons aux deux continents et trois pays pour les trois courses du Trifecta.

Premier, nous sommes a Chicago pour le course de IRL samedi soir- le drapeau vert a 22h ET.

Apres le course a Chicago, nous allons a l'Europe pour le course de F1, Le Grand Prix de la Belgique dimanche matin- le drapeau vert a 8h ET.

Enfin, nous traversons encore l'Atlantique pour le course de NASCAR Nationwide a Montreal dimanche apres-midi- le drapeau vert a 14:48 ET.

Les regles:

Choissisez un pilote pour chaque course. Il n'y a aucune restriction sur votre choix de pilote, mais c'est une bonne idee si votre pilote va faire le course :o).

Si vous voulez changer votre choix de pilote pour un course, s'il vous plait, laissez un commentaire sur ce blog. Vous devez faire votre modification AVANT l'heure de drapeau vert pour ce course la.

Une chose derniere: Pendant notre sejour au Canada, s'il vous plait, va chercher William Wilman. Nous le manquons!!!

Bonne chance a tous!

Ce blog conforme a la charte de la langue francaise(loi 101 de Quebec).

Hello, everybody! This week, we travel to two continents and three countries for the three races of the Trifecta.

First, we're in Chicago for the IRL race Saturday night- the green flag drops at 10:00pm ET.

After the Chicago race, we go to Europe for the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Belgium Sunday morning- the green flag drops at 8:00am ET.

Finally, we cross the Atlantic again for the NASCAR Nationwide race at Montreal Sunday afternoon- the green flag drops at 2:48pm ET.

The rules:

Choose one driver for each race. There are no restrictions on your choice of driver, but it is a good idea if your driver is going to run the race :o).

If you want to change your driver for a race, please leave a comment on this blog. You must make your change BEFORE the green flag drops for that race.

One last thing: During our stay in Canada, please look for William Wilman. We miss him!!!

Good luck to all!!!

This blog conforms to the Charter of the French Language(Quebec's Law 101).


  1. Trucks: Kyle Busch
    F1: Button
    Nationwide: Marcos Ambrose

  2. Hotfoot- the Truck race is not one of the featured races this week. Need to pick an IRL driver.

  3. Indycar - Ryan Briscoe
    F1 - Mark Webber
    NW - have to agree with Lori and go with Ambrose to make it an all-Aussie weekend, lol

  4. Indycar - Helio Castroneves
    F1 - Sebastian Vettel
    Nationwide - Marcos Ambrose (no-one else comes close)

  5. I always muddle Vettel's name up, jbroomy....curses to Toro Rosso having a Sebastian and a Sebastien *shakes fist*

    looks like we might get to see how Marcos copes with being the clear favourite this weekend, lol

  6. IRL - Briscoe
    F1 - Alonso
    NW - Fellows with the repeat!

  7. IRL-
    F1 - Lewis Hamilton

    I will be back, got Lewis

  8. Mine again with the other two, Lewis was already down.

    IRL- Helio Castroneves
    F1= Lewis H
    NW - Patrick Carpentier,, Eveyone is taking Ambrose and I am late so that be my

  9. IRL--Graham Rahal

    F1--Jensen Button

    Nationwide--Kyle Busch

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  11. Put me down for whoever Moseby chooses for the IRL & F1. Maybe one of these days, he'll do another blog on the subject and I can learn one more thing!lol

    Nationwide - Brad Keselowski - final answer!lol

  12. IRL- Hellio

    F1- Vettel

    NNS- Maximus, Maximus, Maximus!!!

  13. Kristen-

    You're abandoning Helio??????????

  14. Naw, I just know that Helio cant win the championship without a miracle and he said he would do anything to help Briscoe win it so Helio might not get me the most points!

    He is still my dancin' man...I just gotta get back to my winning ways here!! LOL

  15. IRL - Mr. Ashley Judd
    F1 - Jenson Button comes out of his slump
    NNS - Ron Fellows? If not put me down for Juan Montoya. If not put me down for Jason Leffler.

    Bev - Someday, someday. But not for the rest of this year. Moseby is still working on making a better Moseby. We'll just shoot for 2010 and see how it all turns out.

  16. IRL - Mr. Ashley Judd
    F1 - Jenson Button comes out of his slump.
    NW - Kyle Busch - final answer!lol

  17. I don't know how my display name was changed. Mose, whatever you need to do, go ahead. We'll be here waiting.

  18. NNS J. Villenueve

    FI- L. Hamilton

    IRL- Francitti

  19. Ok-

    My picks-

    IRL- Scott Dixon
    F1- Rubens Barrichello
    NNS- For now, I'll jump on the Ambrose bandwagon.

  20. Hey Speedy, I will change my F1 - Rubens Barrichello and NNS- Carl Edwards.


  21. After the IRL race-

    Tezgm99 1
    Klvalus 1
    SpeedBeagle 2
    Beverly 4
    moseby 4
    storkjrc 4
    jon_464 5
    Jbroomy 20
    Forensic2 20
    CR_Racibg 20
    HotfootLori 23

    So now it's an overnight flight to Belgium for the F1 race.

  22. Whew!!! I'm glad I went with Moseby - I almost went with CR!lol Love ya, Cord.

  23. After a topsy-turvy F1 race, the standings are:

    SpeedBeagle 9 (Ambrose)
    Tezgm99 10 (Ambrose)
    Klvalus 16 (Fellows)
    Beverly 21 (Brad Keselowski)
    Moseby 21 (Fellows)
    jon_464 22 (Busch)
    Jbroomy 23 (Ambrose)
    CR_Racing 23 (Papis)
    storkjrc 23 (Villeneuve)
    Forensic2 27 (Edwards)
    HotfootLori 40 (Ambrose)

    and now, we hop the Concorde(Air France pulled it out of mothballs for us) back to Montreal for this afternoon's Nationwide race.

  24. Hanging tough near the front! Havent seen a lick of racing this weekend...hope to catch some of the NW today.

    Good luck everyone!

  25. Just some pre-race notes;

    Stanton Barrett qualified 34th. Didn't see any interviews with my pick, Max. But he was leading in one of the practice sessions. Should be a good race, if it doesn't rain...

  26. Bev... Yea, you would have suffered! But, you should have went with me in the F1 race. ;-)

  27. The results after the Nationwide race:

    SpeedBeagle 11
    Tezgm99 12
    Jbroomy 25
    Beverly 26
    storkjrc 27
    Forensic2 28
    jon_464 32
    HotfootLori 42
    CR_Racibg 43
    Klvalus 51
    moseby 56

    Thanks for playing this week. I think it's time to get the Mounties after WW.

    See you next week.

  28. I think Carl owes Marcos a hug.

  29. I think Carl owes Katie a big "Thank you." She was napping instead of killing the duck.

  30. Congratulations, and salutations to SB! I'm tired. Can't wait for monday morning, and a full work week, so I can get some rest.

  31. Nice picking Speedy,, Congrads on the trifecta win.

  32. well done, SB! I pretty much knew my chances were shot with the F1 race, lol

  33. Congrats SB!!! and of course thanks for hosting...

    Oh where art tho WW!??