Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Little Blurb For The "Unofficial" Tool Cart Puller-Arounder

Ok, the idea and the title came from Tez, and I did have to borrow a picture, but here goes:

Kristen Valus- "Unofficial" Tool Cart Puller Arounder
4 years at Penske
Hometown: somewhere, USA
Nickname: “Doc”
First job: Analyzing friends' Barbie dolls
Favorite Track: Sonoma
Memorable Racing Experience: Asking Tony Stewart where he got his rhythm from(Getting her picture taken in VL with Kurt came in a close second; being inches away from Dale Jr came in third)
If You Were a Car Part, What Would You Be? The Computer- because it analyzes all the other parts to make sure they're functioning properly.


  1. =) This is hilarious SB!

    Hmmm, perhaps a blurb for all the Lugs...!

  2. nice work! long as I can use my twitter pic for me, lol

  3. just realised you left out the 'Lugnuts Tidbit' for her, SB ;)

  4. Kristen-

    This was in response to a post Tez left on your "Meet the Team" blog.

  5. I thought you were the Spark Plug! lol

  6. Behind every great NASCAR driver there's a GREAT tool kit cart pulling woman!

    I understand with Kurt's fall from the heights in Sonoma to what happened on the very next race, Mr. Penske is dialing Kristen's number right now to convince her to stop whatever else she's doing and come to help the 22 team realize ultimate victory in 2011!