Thursday, July 14, 2011

Temporary Trifecta...unless SB doesn't post one.

Not entirely sure where our resident host I'll have to make up an excuse; she's waiting in line for the new 'Harry Potter' movie so it's up to her whether or not this counts :P

If SB decides to post one, that shall take precedence over check here more than usual!

We've got all three NASCAR series in action, with the Nationwides going first on Saturday afternoon, followed by the Trucks that evening and then, I shall guess based on history, the snoozefest that is a Cup race at Loudon.

And, in case one series doesn't take your fancy this week, the Moto GP guys are in Germany. It goes early Sunday morning (for us on the West Coast at any rate) with, I presume, a delayed broadcast by Speed showing it after lunchtime. I'll put the points standings up for it as well since I doubt any of us are familiar with included.

1 - Nationwide at Loudon; 3:30pm EST Saturday (entry list)

2 - Trucks at Iowa; 8pm EST Saturday (entry list)

3 - Moto GP at Germany; 8am EST Sunday (entry list) (points standings)

4 - Cup at Loudon; 1pm EST Sunday (entry list)

Hmm...looks like the order for any tiebreakers is as follows: Kristen (with the first 'pefecta' this season I believe), CR, Hanny, Moseby, SB, Dwindy, Tez and Jon...with anyone else welcome to give it a bash.

Usual trifecta rules apply of course :)


  1. Where's the beagle? I guess a Roo will do!

    Here we go!

    NWS - Kasey "Pretty Boy" Kahne

    CWTS - Austin "My Grandpa Can Duke it!" Dillon

    Cup - Kurt "Will Kristen take him from me" Busch...

    Winners all!

    Thanks tez!

  2. Sorry-

    VBS meeting at church tonight. Wasn't supposed to last this long, but one of our team members got sick and we had to wait for her husband to come pick her up(he was flying home from Dallas).

    We'll let this one stand- BUT the only picks that will count will be the NASCAR races.

    The beagle will pick-

    NNS- Brad K

    CWTS- Kyle

    SCS- Tony

  3. Scratch that- Austin Dillon in the trucks.

  4. And as for Harry Potter-

    I don't see the films until I've finished the book. Since I'm reading the books in French(to keep up with my language skills), I get the books when I can get them, exchange rates being what they are(right now, I'm on book 2).

    Besides, if I'm going to stand in line for a movie, it will be Winnie the Pooh.

  5. I've been finishing 2nd more than I'd like. I'm starting to feel like Carl Edwards!

    NNS- Kyle Busch
    CWTS- Austin Dillon
    Cup- Ryan Newman

  6. Well (as Ronald Reagan used to say...)

    Since CR and SB stole Dillon from poor me... (He must be gonna lose! LOL) Young tez my friend... Please put me down for Mr. Hornaday (surely he won't wreck in back to back races... Right?)

    Thank you very much!

  7. Hmmm such pressure to keep up Perfecta status! Now I know how Junyer feels...

    NW - Kevin "I'm not over it" Harvick

    Trucks - Cole "I'm gonna make Kristen look like a genius" Whitt

    Cup - Jimmie "Apparently, I'm no athlete" Johnson

    (Nod to Tez for bringing in random fun races to bring the element of absolute guessing in to the 'fecta. I'll go with:

    Moto - Nicky "I'm absolutely adorable so I qualify for Kristen's Team Hottie regardless of talent" Hayden

  8. Nationwide - Kyle
    Trucks - Ricky Carmichael
    Cup - Happy Harvick

  9. hmmm after a very poor quals effort I'll have to dump JJ and despite a very attractive offer from Dwindy to steal my driver...I'll go with

    Jeff "I'm gonna win one for Leo" Gordon

  10. Kristen stole my truck driver... Cole is due!

    NW..... Kyle!

    CWTS... Sauter

    Cup.... JJ

  11. Trucks--David Mayhew

    NNS--Elliott Sadler

    Cup--Flyin' Ryan Newman

  12. NW - Joey "Tez would rather watch grass grow in winter than a race at Loudon" Logano
    Trucks - Parker "Larry Mac can pronounce it properly I think" Kligerman
    Cup - Clint "yeah, what Joey said" Bowyer

    and the bonus one:
    MotoGP - Casey "Nicky couldn't beat me when we had the same bike, K" Stoner

    I shall be scarce this weekend as it's the finals of our slo-pitch league. We didn't make the cut but we'll go and watch anyway :)

  13. After one- looks like Tez is suffering from the curse of the Trifect host.

    CR 1
    Hanny 1
    moseby 1
    kristen 2
    Dwindy 3
    SB 8
    jon 12
    tez 29

  14. after two:

    CR 3
    Hanny 5
    kristen 8
    SB 10
    jon 15
    Dwindy 22
    moseby 28
    tez 51

  15. Holy smokes Tez! The object of this game is similar to golf... you want to have the lowest score. lol

  16. what's the worst ever score? Maybe I should change my Cup pick to go for it, LOL

  17. final standings:

    CR 4
    Hanny 10
    SB 12
    jon 16
    kristen 19
    Dwindy 32
    moseby 49
    tez 68

    Congrats to CR on his third win of the season.

    Tez- 68 is a great score if you're playing golf :o)

  18. Congrats, CR! Great picks!

    I want a full inspection on the 39's gas tank! lol

  19. You done good CR! Now that's enough... LOL!

  20. Congrats CR! Way to win with your driver!! =)

  21. Hannny (I'll save Kristen the trouble)

    There was nothing illegal about Ryan's gas tank. In fact, he ran out of gas before he got to the finish line. He won the race because all the "hot air" coming from Tony pushed him to the win.


  22. Yes, it is nice to win with my driver! Thanks all. Look out Dwindy, I'm moving up!

  23. well done, openwheelers got the 2 most recognised places in the standings this week, LOL

  24. Tez, I'd say we've got the competition surrounded! LOL