Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Trifecta- Happy Birthday, Tony! Edition

Greetings, race fans. This week, the Trifecta celebrates the birth of the one and only Tony Stewart.

This week's races tale us from Charlotte to Iowa with a final stop in Spain. Dwindy leads the Chase for the coveted Triple Lug Nut Trophy with three wins. CR is hot on his heels with two.

This week's starting line up:

1 Dwindy
2 CR
3 kristen
4 Hanny
5 moseby
6 jon
7 Bev
8 tez
9 SB

Now on to the races:

1.) The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race from Charlotte, Friday May 20; green flag drops at 8:18pm ET (entry list)

2.) The F1 Grand Prix of Spain, Sunday May 22; green flag drops at 8:00am ET.

3. The NASCAR Nationwide Series race from Iowa, Sunday May 22; green flag drops at 2:17pm ET (entry list)

Good luck, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TONY!!


  1. The Beagle will go with:

    Trucks- Bowyer

    F1- Webber

    Nationwide- Brad K

  2. How's the Beagle?

    Here's the winning ticket! (I'm tryin' real hard to hang on here...)

    CWTS – Kyle “Quit pickin’ on me!” Busch
    F1 –-- Sebastian “You believe yet?” Vettel
    NWS –- Bad Brad “Motor Mouth” Keselowski

    Thank you Speedy!

  3. Dwindy- Still can't see past the end of my nose but hopeful that will change soon.

  4. Not liking these races on Friday nights up against Sharktank!



    NW.....E Sad

  5. CWTS--Matt Crafton

    F1--Lewis Hamilton (who'll be swapping rides with Smoke in June at Watkins Glen; should be interesting to see how he handles the #14 Office Depot Chevrolet and Smoke handles an F1 rig)

    NNS--Justin Allgaier

  6. Retch..gag..gag...Okay I think I can play now! LOL

    Trucks - Dillon

    F1 - Alonso

    NW - Edwards

  7. Trucks - Austin Dillon
    F1 - Sebastian Vettel
    NW - Justin Allgaier

    and, just for fun:
    V8 Supercars - Jason Bright
    Showdown - Marcos Ambrose
    All-star - Clint Bowyer

  8. Trucks....Clint Bowyer
    F1....Mark Webber
    NW....Carl Edwards

    Tez... I'm saddened by the loss of Highcroft Racing in ALMS. Honda pulled the plug, and now David Brabham/Marino Franchitti have no ride at LeMans. Japan is falling apart...

  9. Trucks - Bowyer
    F1 - Hamilton
    NW - ESadler

  10. I concur, CR :(

    on a side note to Jon's blurb about the Tony/Lewis swap, I've been doing some quick calculations. Asuming an F1 car is quicker than a Daytona Prototype and Lewis does a lap of the Glen in 60 seconds, based on the fact that Lowndes lapped the Bathurst track within a second of what Button managed a couple months back in an '08 McLaren, Tony needs to go 60.5 to 'match' what the former V8 Supercar champ pressure, birthday boy ;)

  11. Now, now Kristen. Katie does have a stuffed scallop shell(it gurgles when she chews on it).

    Bev sent her picks in via Facebook. She went with Dillon in the CWTS. Still waiting on her drivers for the other races.

    Standings after one:

    Dwindy 1
    Hanny 1
    CR 2
    moseby 2
    SB 2
    kristen 7
    Bev 7
    tez 7
    jon 26

  12. Am I too late to pick Brad for NW and Button for F1? Haven't got the hang of new BBerry to see who races in F1! Thank you, SB!

  13. Well... Looks like it's not the end of the world afterall... Now if I can just get all my money back! LOL!

  14. Bev- Nope you're not too late. Of course this may all be moot by this evening.

    Dwindy- you've still got a few hours. The end of the world doesn't begin until 6:00pm in all time zones

  15. "It's the end of the world as we know it.... and I feel fine" Well, of course we always have 2012 to finish us off... lol

  16. It's crazy how Vettel is dominating the competition. ...and what happened to Fernando? Great move to steal the lead on the start, but finishes "almost" a lap down!

  17. After two-

    Dwindy 2
    moseby 4
    CR 6
    Hanny 6
    SB 6
    tez 8
    Bev 10
    kristen 12
    jon 28

    Dwindy looking for perfection. Will Carl or E-Sad spoil the party????

  18. Dwindy captures his 2nd straight win and his 4th win of the season. He must be channelling his inner JJ because he is also dominating the stats. In the 9 Trifectas so far this season, Dwindy has picked 11 first place drivers, 6 second place drivers, and 5 third place drivers. That means that out of 27 picks to date, Dwindy's picks have finished outside the top three only 5 times.

    The final standings:

    Dwindy 5
    CR 8
    moseby 9
    SB 9
    Hanny 11
    Bev 13
    kristen 14
    tez 16
    jon 36

    Next week brings us the Big 3- the Grand Prix of Monaco, the Indianapolis 500, the Coca Cola 600, as well as a Nationwide race. Will dwindy continue his domination or will someone else rise to the occasion? See you next week.

  19. Way to go Dwindy! Your stats are amazing!

  20. Darn! 2nd place again! Congrats Dwindy, from the first place looser! lol

  21. WTG Dwindy!

    That is enough! You are becoming the Kyle of the Trifecta. Booooooooo!

  22. Hey! Thanks one and all... Including Gene... LOL!

    I've been very fortunate with the open wheel selections... Vettel and Will Power have been dominating.

    The tide will turn...