Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Little Kurt and Kyle Humor

tales from the media tour--


Kyle Busch got married New Year's Eve in Chicago and his brother got him good during the wedding ceremony.

Kyle says he got married in a traditional Catholic wedding and the first time they kneeled, the thought struck him how he forgot to write Toyota on the bottom of his shoes as a joke for some friends there, so when he kneeled everyone would see it.

"I forgot to do it. But Kurt is sitting there in the audience just busting up laughing. A couple of my friends are looking at him, like "What are you doing?' I didn't even look? Who looks at the bottom of their shoes on their wedding day?''

What was so funny?

Kurt wrote "Help me'' on the bottom of Kyle's shoes. Scor
e one for the older brother there.


  1. Kristen,

    Maybe you can get us "The Rest of the Story" (aka what did Kyle- or better yet, Samantha, do to Kurt in retaliation)

  2. Hey SB!

    I saw this story... It'll be something those people will always remember...

    When getting married always check the bottom of your shoes!

  3. I don't far as brotherly humour goes, the leading candidate in 2011 is the NHL's Henrik Sedin. When he was asked why his brother has twice the number of goals this season when they both play on the same team, Henrik said that if he was passing the puck to himself, he'd have scored as many goals as his brother has so far :P

  4. Still no word on creds for Daytona but if I can get to Kurt you know this is one of the things I will ask about - I wish we had pics of his shoes. On KBN there are a ton of pics from Kyle's wedding, Sam sure does look beautiful in that dress.