Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Can I just say...

For once, it's a completely non sports-related post/rant.

We complain about many things this time of year; rain, snow, the cold, the wind chill, etc. But after reading this article which shows the scale of Tropical Cyclone Yasi that is currently battering the east coast of Australia (this is only a month or so after the floods in the same place remember), I honestly think that anyone who gripes about a foot of snow, knowing this is happening, is a complete moron.

Thank you.


  1. Man tez... That storm is something else. Hope everyone in its path will make it through all right...

  2. I hope so too, Dwindy...this was one of the last things that part of Aussie needed with the amount of flooding they had over Christmas :(

  3. Finally saw some pics - brutal. None of your family is in the area right Tez?

    Weather has been crazy we sit pretty in the 70s! Oy...

  4. nah, all my relatives live further south than where the cyclone was....still, they were in the line of fire for the flooding, but most places were. They're all ok from what I know though :)