Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Trifecta- The Final Countdown Edition

Greetings, race fans. Here we are at the end of another exciting Trifecta season, and the chase for the coveted Triple Lug Nut Trophy comes down to four players- Tez, Hanny. CR. and Kristen. The championship scenarios look like this:

1.) If Tez wins, the Trophy is his.
2.) If Hanny wins, the Trophy is his by virtue of the perfect score tiebreaker.
3.) If CR wins, the Trophy is his by virtue of the perfect score tiebreaker.
4.) If Kristen wins AND gets a perfect score, the trophy is hers. If she wins and does not get a perfect score, then we will count 1st place picks (2nd and 3rd place picks, of necessary). If a tie remains after all of that, duplicate trophies will be awarded.

Now on to the races.

1.) The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race from Homestead, Friday November 19; green flag drops at 8:18pm ET (entry list)

2.) The NASCAR Nationwide Series race from Homestead. Saturday November 20; green flag drops at 4:45 pm ET (entry list)

3.) The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race from Homestead, Sunday November 21; green flag drops at 1:15pm ET (entry list)

Good luck, and let's go racing.


  1. As Jim Morrison would sing, "this is the end..."

    CWTS---Kyle Busch
    NNS---Carl Edwards
    Cup---Kevin Harvick

  2. Hey CR-

    In a totally off topic note to you, in the Class 2A state football playoffs, Godley will be playing Littlefield tonight(my dad graduated from Littlefield High)

  3. Trucks--Elliott Sadler

    NNW--Kevin Harvick


  4. Speedy, Godley must have grown since I've seen it. I remember going into town with my Grandaddy to fill up milk cans with drinking water for the farm house. My mother grew up around the Brazos country. If I could, I'd move to that part of the world!

  5. Athens via Facebook-

    Trucks- Hornaday

    Bationwide- Joey

    Cup- Jamie

  6. This is the Triple A trifecta to end this season in style... Three guys with nothing to lose and everything to gain!

    CWTS - Almirola
    NWS - Allgaier
    Cup - Allmendinger

    Don't think that'll get in anybody's way!

    Thanks so much once again for all the work Ms. SB!

  7. Thanks for letting the contenders decide it among themselves, Dwindy. LOL!

    CWTS..... KYLE!

    NWS...... KYLE!

    Cup..... Hamlin

  8. Hmmmm...I think I need a drafting partner to win it all! Dwindy are you up for it?? =)

    Truck - Kyle
    NW - Bad Brad
    Cup - JJ

  9. yep, agree with Dwindy in the congrats to SB for all the work that gets put into these :)

    Trucks - Kyle Busch
    NW - Kyle Busch
    Cup - Carl Edwards

  10. Dwindy is a "start n' park" this week K. You better talk to Jon! LOL

    Add my name to the SB admiration party. Thanks for doing all that you do!

  11. Going to go ahead and make my picks now. Craft show at church this weekend, so better do it while I have time.

    CWTS- Kyle

    Nationwide- Brad K

    Cup- Kyle

  12. Trucks - Kyle
    Nationwide - Carl
    Cup - Hamlin

    Congrats to whomever wins the Beagle Trophy!

  13. you know, if Kyle screws up tonight, Jon and Dwindy are going to be rolling on the floor laughing at the rest of us, lol

  14. Don't forget Athens. She's not on the Kyle bandwagon either.

    If Kyle screws up tonight, it will make the chase for the coveted Triple Lug Nut Trophy that much more interesting :o).

    CR- final score from last night: Littlefield 14, Godley 12. Godley had been ranked #2 in Class 2A until last night.

  15. dang, I missed her post....sorry Athens!

  16. Thanks for the Class 2A update SB!

    Wow! That was some driving from Kyle! Does anybody have him for the Cup race? I'm tempted to call for a Kylefecta... Not saying I am... just thinking out loud. LOL

  17. Oh, I see the speedy Beagle picked Kyle for the Cup race. Good choice!

  18. After one-

    CR 1
    Hanny 1
    KLV 1
    Tez 1
    Moseby 1
    SB 1
    Athens 2
    Dwindy 5
    Jon 13

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  21. Through turns one and two they're six wide! The open wheelers are scared spitless! LOL

    What this? tez has outfitted his rig with Ben Hur wheels!

    CR's got his spiked ice racing tires on!

    Watch out for that Southern boy from Hanahan South Carolina! He'll give you a punt you'll never forget!

    Then there's that sneaky Californian! When you least expect it she'll find that other gear and BOOM! she's way out front!

    They've entered the backstretch with the cherished golden Lug Nut on the line! How long can they run side by side? How can CR, Hanny and Klvalus avoid tez's chromed spinning knives? (Some people will do anything to win...)

    As the pedal hits the metal we'll see who moves into the lead!

  22. Ben Hur raced clean. It was Messela who had roid rage! lol

  23. Geez you're quick CR! I misspelled Klvalus (left out the first "L"... So I'm fixing it and you're LMAO!!!!

  24. Yeah but who remembers his name???

  25. You can silence my lmao, but you can never take my freedom! he he

  26. You're getting your movies mixed up... That was Braveheart... Right?

  27. Had to make a pit stop under green for a tire going down! I'm a lap down now!

  28. I resent a diehard 'Top Gear' fan, I demand Boudica wheels instead :P

  29. Yea, Braveheart. William Wallace said in a thick Scottish/Aussie accent; "They can take our lmao's, but they can never take our freedom!" end quote.

    Jon, how can you be a lap down, when the leaders are on the backstretch of the 1st lap? ;)

  30. ***DRIVER CHANGE***

    Thought about this long enough. I'm going to deploy the Kylefecta bomb!

    Dropping Edwards and Harvick for the remaining races. Kyle is on top of his game right now. Only worry a little about dropping Harvick. I feel kind of like Chad at Texas right now. LOL

  31. hmm, was that a deliberate ploy by CR to switch drivers in the NW race for the sole purpose of covering off Gene and I? I think I'll scour the trifecta rulebook....

  32. Kiss of Death from CR...LOL

    Tez... I don't mind, I like my chances with Denny. Joe will order Kyle to finish behind Denny if need be.

  33. tez, all I know is, after watching wild Thing last night, and seeing Harvick laying back in all the Cup practice sessions, I figured it was time to change a few parts.

  34. SB, after your bazzar day, please note my driver changes. Also, tez is looking for a ruling. lol

  35. I wouldn't mind a rule change for next year....

    ***When you change a driver before a race starts, you get a one point penalty added to his finishing position.***

    Who's with me?

  36. Kyle himself shot down the Kylefecta after the NW race. He said he wishes he could win Sunday, but he has to play good teammate and help him win one.

    Maybe he does have a future in F-1?

  37. Trifecta leader tez and all three challengers remain in position to win as they enter turn four and sprint to the finish line! Can tez hold on with Carl in the Sprint Cup race? Will there be a second Kyle Trifecta this year handing the championship to CR? Will Hanny ride Denny Hamlin to a perfect score and the Trifecta championship? Will Klvalus throw a wrench in the works with Jimmie Johnson winning and force a recount to determine the victor?

    Three wide into the turn with the mystery lady close just behind, the home stretch laid out in front of them, suddenly smoke is pouring out from the cars. They're running so close together it's hard to tell who's in trouble... The thousands of fans in the stands rise to their feet... A nationwide television audience sitting on the edge of their chairs holding the breath awaits the outcome...

    The hammer's down with the Lug Nuts' Trifecta on the line!

  38. sort of agree, Gene....though I was thinking along the lines of not switching to someone that's already been picked by more than one person (initial picks are ok), lol

  39. After two-

    CR 2
    Hanny 2
    Tez 2
    KLV 4
    SB 4
    moseby 7
    Athens 9
    jon 15
    Dwindy 16

    CR- Craft show is tomorrow, still setting up tonight.

    Tez- That's racing.

  40. I thought we were on the second lap, lol. I'll LMAO if Kyle finishes 31st and Kevin finishes in the top 5 tomorrow, just sayin'.

  41. Yea jon, that would be typical. Are you saying I should go back to Harvick? Tez would throw a hissy fit if I did that! LOL... Just kidding tez! Nope, Kyle's job is to finish ahead of Johnson and Harvick. If they're ahead of Hamlin, that's his problem!

  42. least I hope that's Gibbs game plan!

  43. Woo late to the party and teh chariot race - sorry guys! Been stuck at a conference for work for 2 full days...

    Looks like JJ could win it all for me!! Go VADAR!! =)

    Hope to watch some of the race live - gots to do all my thanksgiving grocery shopping tomorrow at some point...

  44. Kristen, watch the race, and go to Marie Callendar's on T-day! Just a suggestion... lol

  45. =) I don't think my dad can live without his pepperidge farm stuffing CR! Good news bad news, gotta clean the house before grocery anyway so I'll be home for the bulk of the racing!

    PS - I used to be the strawberry pie baker at Marie Calendars when I was in high school! Good times...

  46. not at all, CR....SB wouldn't either as that would allow her back in the race today, lol

  47. Yea tez... I agree. I think a one point penalty next year for driver changes would be fair. Or, something...

  48. I hardly ever know who everybody picked for each race. I pick early most of the time, and don't really notice who picks who, afterward. If someone need's to change a driver, I think it would be kind of strange to penalize them more for picking a driver someone already has. But, a standard substitution penalty is fine with me.

  49. Well, Tez wasn't content just to sit back and play it safe. He decided to go at the final Trifecta of the season full throttle. That effort paid off, earning him a perfect score(our 3rd of the season), and giving him outright possession of the inaugural coveted Triple Lug Nut Trophy.

    Congrats to Tez and everyone who played this year(everyone got at least one win).

    The final standings:

    tez 3
    klv 6
    hanny 16
    jon 17
    dwindy 21
    moseby 21
    athens 30
    cr 34
    sb 36

  50. Thank you SB for putting this together for us!

    Congrats to tez! My switching drivers cost me 24 points. Penalty enough... LOL

  51. WTG tez... Someday I'll be able to tell people that I know you!

  52. I was trying to make you feel guilty and throw you off your game, CR :P

  53. and thanks to all for making the trifecta such fun during the year....and a pressure cooker when it's all on the line, lol

  54. Athens sez "thank you to SB and Congrats to Tez".

  55. tez, mind games are part of the game! ;-)

  56. Thanks SB for putting this together!

    Tez, congratulations on the title!

    CR, all in good fun! (I had an inkling that Kyle was going to pull a dumbass move at some point in the race and cost him a crapload of spots.)

  57. In all seriousness, I was yelling at the TV, "GET OUT OF THE CAR!" when Kyle's car caught fire.

  58. WTG TEZ!!!

    At least one champ today that we can be proud of!

    Well, two champs, counting Speedy! Thanks for making it all happen, SB!

  59. Woot! Congrats to TEZ!!

    I'll just have to go back to the shop and work harder in the off season so I am able to come back better than ever in jinxing!

    Much thanks to SB for hosting and keeping all the data straight!

  60. Yeah, I've got work to do, too!