Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Great Lug Nuts Race To The Finish!

Who's driving the four horse power rig with the white ponies sponsored by the Arabs???

Good Luck to all!


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  2. Did I see the numeral III on the hind quarter of one of those black horses?

    Arabs usually pick a winner; The Brits in WWI, the bankers and corporations, in the War Against Terror, etc...

    The answer to your question is, Ben Hur. Who agitated the Roman lefties with a speech at a sword owners convention, saying; "you can have my sword, when you pry it from my cold dead hands!" He was banished to an island of apes, by the Roman Govenor, Bigus Dikus. Of course, Ben Hur was a fictional character created by a retired Civil War General, who became Govenor of New Mexico during one of the most violent range wars of the west. Bigus Dikus was real, only the name was changed to protect the innocent.

  3. CR...

    The question was aimed at you Lug Nuts trying to come up with the Trifecta. Who among you will be driving that rig with the white ponies?
    Guess it's not you! lol

    I'm not touchin' that story of yours! Quite an imagination...

    Good luck and don't go teary eyed if you don't win. LOL

  4. lol, I knew what you meant Dman. I just don't want to create a stir amongnst my fellow competitors!