Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Trifecta- The Hills Are Alive Edition

Greetings race fans. This week's Trifecta is an all NASCAR affair with all three premier series seeing action this weekend.

In the chase for the coveted Triple Lug Nut Trophy, CR holds a 1 victory lead over Tez and Kristen; however, with 13 more "races" on the Trifecta schedule, it's still anybody's trophy (NASCAR standings should be this close).

On to the races:

1.) The NASCAR Nationwide Series race from Michigan, Saturday August 14; green flag drops at 2:16pm ET (entry list)

2.) The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race from Darlington, Saturday August 14; green flag drops at 7:48pm ET (entry list).

3.) The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race from Michigan, Sunday August 15; green flag drops at 1:16pm ET (entry list).

Good luck and let's go racing.


  1. Didn't we just have a race in Michigan? Glad to see Fontana loose a date, even though I'm a west coster...

    NNWS- Kyle

    NCWS- Austin Dillon

    CUP- Jeff Gordon

    Thanks SB for keeping this going, and going, and going!

  2. NW...... KYLE!

    CWTS....Da Onion, T Bodine

    Cup.... Da Biff

    Nice Job Speedy!

    I'll be in Darlington all day (and night) Saturday for the truck race for Sports Review Magazine. I'll probably be updating on FB throughout.

  3. NW - Bad Brad Keslowski

    Trucks - Ron "I'll use my chrome" Horn-aday

    Cup - Kurtis "Pretty Boy" Busch

    Will stick with my Penske boys this week...thanks SB!

    Have fun at Darlington Gene!! Keep the tradition alive and steal some lugs...

  4. Airshow this weekend along with finally installing the replacement foglight on my car...but hey, won't miss much at Michigan so I'll take the gamble ;)

    NW - Joey Logano
    Trucks - Airc Almirola
    Cup - Kasey Kahne

    ....Moto GP - Jorge Lorenzo

  5. Okay... I just got my research together and made the winning selections... I'm sorry about any duplications.

    NWS - Brad Keselowski

    Trucks - Almirola

    Cup - Jimmie Johnson! (Kurt Busch {opps, sorry, no, really! SORRY!}, and cousin Carl {take that moron!} are goin' down!)LOL

    tez, anyone named Casey Stoner that races the Moto GP circuit is either crazy or real laid back...

    Thanks SB!

  6. hmm, bikes....has to be 'crazy', Dwindy :P

  7. NW - Joey

    Truck - Dillon

    Cup - Jamie

  8. NW--Chickens**t Carl

    Cup--Chickens**t Carl (He's due on both counts, plus I need a win.)

    Trucks--Matt Crafton

  9. foglights are slippery little blighters...was mucking about on the driver side one so I knew what to do when I get one for the passenger side. Managed to get the thing off no problem (ta youtube), then gouged myself twice putting it back in. Good thing it wasn't my writing hand, lol

  10. Go Jon, put your "Hornaday, Kiss of Death" jinx on C.S. Carl! LOL

  11. Nationwide - Cousin Carl

    Trucks - Bald Headed Cueball Bodine

    Cup - Smoke

  12. Mose...that's just too cute!(Bodine)lol

  13. After seeing Big Daddy in qualifying, a DRIVER CHANGE is in order for the CUP race;

    I'll go with JUAN PABLO MONTOYA!

  14. Gene, LOL! It's either gonna be a jinx or two wins!

  15. The Beagle picks

    CWTS- Bodine

    NNS- Brad K

    SCS- Kasey

  16. After the Nationwide race=

    Klv 1
    dwindy1 1
    SB 1
    jon 2
    moseby 2
    CR 3
    Hanny 3
    Tez 6
    Athens 6

  17. Thanks, SB, for being so speedy!!! No satellite today.

    Another close one.:)

  18. wow we got our NW picks down! Good job everyone...

  19. Way to go SB! Going for perfection!

  20. Two down-

    SB 2
    moseby 3
    Hanny 4
    Klv 4
    CR 8
    jon 8
    dwindy1 10
    Athens 11
    Tez 15

  21. good thing the airshow was fun since both of the guys I picked sucked yesterday, lol

    thankfully, I see that my Moto GP pick won so it wasn't a total waste ;)

  22. OUCH for Kristen--she picked Kurt Busch and he blew an engine early in the race.

  23. Calling all Bloggers! Dwindy is having a real nice time talking to himself and occasionally me!!! live chat blog in progress!!!

  24. Who's doin' the Ickey shuffle besides jon?

  25. Final standings-

    Hanny 8
    moseby 9
    jon 11
    CR 15
    SB 16
    dwindy1 22
    Tez 29
    Athens 31
    Klv 44

    Congrats to Hanny on his 2nd win of the season.

    IMPORTANT: Next week's Trifecta will be posted on TUESDAY. The truck race is on Wednesday night.

  26. Bev- I think Joey SUCKS! Gee, what a way to win friends, and influence people... wreck someone, and then go up and tell them they shouldn't race him so hard? What a friggn' wet behind the ears, JERK! Good thing officials stepped in before Newman knocked the kid's block off!

  27. All right... Ya gotta show us your Ickey shuffle, Gene!

  28. When Joey had his dispute with Kevin after the first Pocono race, the look on Kevin's face said, "Let him come to me so I can kick his @$$ right here, right now."

  29. Congrats Gene!! Watching helped you and killed me...stupid imploding engines!!

    Sorry you were talking to yourself Dwindy! I am getting ready for a horse show so picking up some extra rides on the weekend to get ready...

  30. Kristen- Watching or not watching the race isn't what killed Kurt. You picking him for the Trifecta did (I've gone back and checked the stats) :o)


    But as for you, Mr. CR Racing, Joey didn't suck yesterday but he sucks today!!!lol

    Y'all have a wonderful Monday!!!

  32. Thanks.... to the crew for bustin' off some good stops, and all the boys back at the shop. Some new sponsors... KB Sunglasses and Marquis Jets...

  33. well, he didn't lead a lap and didn't score a top 5, Athens....I was expecting somewhat more from the guy. Same goes for Almirola but he had an excuse when he slapped the wall (or was it a tyre? I forget now) I guess, lol