Saturday, August 14, 2010

Trucks @ Darlington

Too much going on today for a long post. I'll have pics and inside info tomorrow. Still looks like it may rain at any minute. Should be some great action tonight. I've got some good pics already and interviewed some crew members while they prepped the pits.

These drivers are great with the fans, especially the little kids. They let anyone on pit road before the race and the drivers were all there to sign autographs and pose for pics with the fans. NASCAR at least does one thing right, as this goes a long way to build future fans with the youngsters.

It's race time. See ya later.

I may put something up late tonight if I get home early enough.


  1. Check out Bobby Compton tonight @ Carolina Night Life @ 10 p.m. He's from Athens, GA!

  2. I feel ya Gene - its really hard to get a blog up after being at the track all day. Can't wait to read the insider info and hope you got some good stuff from the crews - much like nurses the crews will give you the most info!

    =) Hope your having fun! Stay dry!

  3. I take it that Darlington hasn't been taken over by International Speedway Corporation yet. All the tracks should let kids on pit road before the races. That's a no brainer!