Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Trifecta- No Rest For The Weary

Greetings, race fans, and welcome to the midway point of the 2010 Trifecta season. The Cup boys may have the week off, but the Trifecta rolls on. The Camping World Truck Series and Nationwide Series both head to St. Louis, while the Indy cars begin a two week visit to Canada.

In the chase for the coveted Triple Lug Nut trophy, there is still no clear cut leader with Tex becoming the newest member of the multiple wins club.

This week's races:

1.) The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race from St. Louis, Friday July 16; green flag drops at 9:18pm ET (entry list)

2.) The NASCAR Nationwide Series race from St. Louis, Saturday July 17; green flag drops at 8:15pm ET (entry list)

3.) The IRL race from Toronto, Sunday July 18; green flag drops at 1:00pm ET (entry list)

There you go. Players, pick your drivers!!


  1. NASCAR Quote of the Week:

    From the ESPN Power Rankings:

    7 Kurt Busch- It is a truly wondrous thing to listen to Kurt on the radio when his night is going poorly. Only one other driver can match his talent for creative cursing ...

    8 Kyle Busch- ... his little brother

  2. oooooo, first pick....unless someone gets in before I hit post on this, lol

    Trucks - Kevin Harvick
    NW - Reed Sorenson
    Indycar - Will Power

  3. LOL SB - its so true except that I think Kurt out does Kyle...

    Trucks - Brad Keslowski in the MILLER LITE truck! ML already ditching Kurt...unbelievable!

    NW - Lets go with Lil Gator...

    IRL - really is it a surprise I'd pick Helio?

  4. My jaw dropped with your indictment of the Busch boys! Out west, ya see, we teach our youngin's not to sass or profane! I can't believe it!

    Anywho, wheres my @#$%^&! list!

    In the pick'em ups - Dillon driven hell out of the black number 3!

    In the Dodge Dealers 250 (Ya gotta go with a Dodge!) - Bad Brad Keselowski in the lightnin' white number 22!

    And now for what I've gotta have if I'm ever gonna win one of these things...

    In the Honda Indy (Only 150 Miles?) road course race... WILL POWER!

    Thank you very much!


    NW - MORGAN SHEPHERD w/Childress owner and Zaxby's sponsor, who knows?


  6. when was the last time Dodge won a Truck race? I know Kahne did it waaaaaaay back in 2004...

  7. CWTS.........Johnny Sauter

    NNS..........Paul Menard

    Indy.........Graham Rahal

  8. CWTS;;;;;;;;;Happy


    IndyCar;;;;;;Will POWER!

  9. Damn, EVERYBODY picked Happy before me, LOL! I think they'd have picked him in the IRL race if he were entered there!

    Anyway here are my picks:

    Trucks--Matt Crafton

    NNS--Gotta go with Happy!!

    IRL--Dan Wheldon

  10. LOL @ Jon... not everybody; I was "happy" to make my picks before you showed up!

  11. Since I may not be home later to post the Beagle's picks-

    CWTS- Have to go with Kevin Harvick. His sponsor for the race is Stubb's Barbecue- which was founded right here in Lubbock.

    Nationwide- BK extends his stranglehold on the points.

    IRL- Dario

    jon- Gene did that last year when we had the 5 race "Superfecta". He picked Kyle for all 5 races :o).

    Kristen- I finally broke down and signed on to KB Nation just because I want to hear Kurt on the radio(and with my luck, he won't have another bad day),

  12. SB - make sure there aren't any kids in the room! LOL You can watch the streaming TV feed without hearing Kurt too and chat. Lemme know if you need any help negotiating the website.

    I *highly* doubt he'll escape further bad days - esp since it really only takes a bad adjustment to set him off even if he is leading!

  13. Trucks - Harvick

    Nationwide - Harvick

    IRL - Will Power

    Making a John pick there....

  14. Well since CR has made all the picks before me - I will change my IRL pick to Ryan Briscoe - Aussie Aussie Oi!

  15. ok, last Truck series win by a Dodge that I could find was Bobby Hamilton's at Mansfield in 2005.

  16. well Tez if BK drives like he usually does there might not be anyone left in the race and BK might be crossing the finish upside down!

  17. hmmmm..... looks like a tug' O' war between Tez & Kristen! Dodge could prevail, if they ever fix the power issue at the track!!!

  18. Hey moseby! Good choice in Briscoe. He's good on streets, and I would have picked him if I was in your place. Good luck to all!

  19. "TWEETY BIRD'S IN THE GRASS! TWEETY BIRD'S IN THE GRASS! BIG BIRD'S GONNA WIN IT!!! LMAO!!! Best announcing I've heard all season!

  20. Obviously, no one is here... I mean, it's not like live race chat...... zzzzzzzzzz

  21. no, no, no, klv just got me curious about it, that's all. Looks like the crowd better turn on their vehicles' high beams if this keeps up though *rolls eyes*

  22. An hour and a half after the scheduled start of the truck race and the power company says they know where the problem is but they're not sure how to go about fixing it. I just have one question-


  23. Yea! I get to see the truck race! Go Dillon!!!

  24. SB, I think if Kyle had his druthers, he'd have RACED in all five races!

  25. Now that they've got the lights fixed- it's a close battle for the lead after one race.

    Tez 1
    CR 1
    moseby 1
    SB 1
    Klv 2
    Hanny 3
    jon 5
    dwindy1 7
    Athens 30

  26. SB, Please change my NW pick to KYLE B. Thx.♥

  27. Athens, Kyle is doing his laundry this weekend, and not at Gateway.

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. uh, wow....not sure about that somehow.

  30. Brad's dad was well within his rights, to say what he said. JMO

  31. ***DRIVER CHANGE***

    Since Tez is way out front... I'm trading Will Power for Justin Wilson in IndyCar.

  32. OMG...I think Carl is trying to kill Brad. That was ridiculous. Man Brad was so lucky that car coming full speed to the checkers that hit him in the front end didnt tag him in the drivers door.

    Carl didnt seem to catch the difference that Brad tagged him but allowed Carl to gather his car back up in turns 1/2, whereas Carl just drove Brad right into the wall again!


  33. Hmmmm...

    Good 'ol Carl Edwards... What can I say?


  34. Instead of Cousin Carl, I'm callin' him Chickens**t Carl. What he did and his postrace interview afterwards REEKED of CHICKENSHIT!!

  35. NOW you all know why I'm this way towards Chickenshit Carl!

  36. Oh, BTW... How do we put a handicap on tez?

    WTG man!

  37. no, no, I already have a handicap; my accent. Ask klv, RA6AN and jon, lol

  38. Ok, meant to do the Nationwide update this morning during Sunday school, but I had to teach 5 sheep, 1 sheepdog, and a lion "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"

    After the Nationwide race

    Tez 3
    Hanny 7
    SB 15
    CR 17
    moseby 17
    dwindy1 21
    jon 21
    Klv 27
    Athens 51

  39. And with all races complete:

    Tez 4
    Hanny 12
    SB 17
    CR 24
    moseby 35
    dwindy1 22
    jon 31
    Klv 51
    Athens 75

    Oh well. Even if Brad had won the race, Tez would have won the tie-breaker. I hope that Carl realizes that if he continues to bring a gun to a fist fight, one of these days Brad(or someone else) is going to show up with a Howitzer!!!

  40. Congrats Tez!

    I'm glad to get off the schnide, especially with the drivers I had the guts to pick! Sauter, Menard, and Rahal... all top-5 finishes!

    P.S. F.C.E.!!!!

  41. Good job, TEZ!

    Morgan finishing 21st is

  42. thank you, thank you *bows*....took a risk with Sorenson but hey, I figured no one else would even consider him so it paid off :)

    actually, SB, had Brad won, Reed would have therefore finished third and you'd have won by one point.

  43. Anyone who looks at past performances would know that Gateway is the ONLY track to pick Sorenson...LOL!

  44. exactly, that was why I did pick him, Gene :P