Monday, July 12, 2010

Jr Johnson: The Last American Hero

Thomas Wolfe wrote this masterpiece 45 years ago for Esquire. It was turned into a movie in the early 70s titled "The Last American Hero", starring Jeff Bridges as Jr. I think it's the best movie ever made about stock car racing...I know, that's not saying much, but it's pretty decent.


  1. Us non-FB folks cant see this link Gene...

  2. Here's the link Kristen:

    Wolfe certainly has an interesting writing style. I like it!

    Thanks for the heads up Gene. I downloaded and printed out the article.

  3. Sorry about that Kris. The link was going right to Esquire's site on FB.

    Dwindy.... how many pages did it print? That was a long story. The way Wolfe wrote Jr's dialog, you could hear the molasses in his mouth. It read exactly like Jr sounds.

  4. I shrunk the font down to 10 point. It was going to be 23 pages under those circumstances so I added a couple of pictures to the article and got it up to 24 pages. I printed it out on both sides of each page (hate wasting paper!) LOL

    I read about half last night and will get to the other tonight.

    Thanks again Gene!