Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Trifecta- Weekend In New England Edition...

(...with a side of Never Been to Spain thrown in)

Greetings, Trifecta fans!!! It's summer in NASCAR, and judging by last week's action, things are really heating up- both on the track and in the Trifecta standings. We've had several close finishes over the past few races with multiple players in position for the win going into the last race(Are you paying attention, NASCAR? Not every race has to be a runaway).

In the chase for the coveted Triple Lug Nut Trophy, CR leads the field with 3 wins. Jon and Moseby are nipping at his heels with 2 wins each; however, it's still anybody's game.

This week-

1.) The NASCAR Nationwide Series race from Loudon, Saturday June 26; green flag drops at 3:46pm ET (entry list).

2.) The F1 European Grand Prix from Valencia Spain, Sunday June 27; green flag drops at 8:00am ET (entry list)

3.) The NASCAR Sprint Cup race from Loudon, Sunday June 27; green flag drops at 1:15pm ET (entry list)

Players, pick your drivers!


  1. Hi SB!

    Let's see...

    Nationwide - Brad Keselowski

    F1 - Alonso

    Cup - Tony Stewart!

    Thank you very much!

  2. Hey SB! Did you get to watch Sonoma online last week?

    NW - Kyle Busch
    F1 - Lewis Hamilton
    Cup - JJ repeats...just to jinx!

  3. Kristen-

    Don't think that jinx thing is quite working. You picked Carl just to jinx him and he WON :o).

    Yep got to watch the race. Hanny and Tez have sent me several links I can go to and catch the TV feed.

    What was up with Tony in the media center on Friday? I mean short answers and "the look of death" are to be expected, but when he wasn't actually answering a question, he was visibly seething.

  4. Hey all...

    NW- Kyle Busch
    F1- Alonso
    CUP- Hamlin

  5. Hey everyone!

    NNW--Cousin Carl

    F1--JB aka Jensen Button

    Cup--Hamster (Denny Hamlin)

  6. Are there pigs flying somewhere? Hanny didn't pick Kyle for the Cup race, and Jon didn't pick Kevin at all.

  7. SB, this isn't one of Kevin's better tracks, in spite of his having won there in the first Chase race of 2006. I can't speak for Gene, but I surmise that he wants to jinx JJ.

  8. NW - JoeY

    F1 - Button

    CUP - Tony

  9. I shall wait until after F1 and NW quals are done tomorrow morning, lol

  10. Sheesh Gene basically stole my picks! Come on man you pick KYLE KYLE KYLE! LOL

    SB- Tony was apparently pissed off by the local media who dont follow the sport and kept asking basic questions about road courses that was not seen on the NASCAR video feed. Also he was pissed because on Friday his car was crap.

    BTW - I forgot to put in my blog about how Cinde (our cook/hauler driver) asked me to bring 2 bags of carrots to the #14 cook for her...I had to go in his hauler and find this cook and pass them along...maybe that was it! LOL Didnt run into Smoke in there but you know how you wanted me to deliver those cookies!?!

  11. I forgot that I was going to pick Newman for this race... Sorry Ryan, but it's not too late.

    I'm dumping the Hampster for Ryan Newman!

    Woo Hoo!!! GO 39!!!

  12. NW - Harvick

    F1 - Hamilton

    Cup - Hamlin

    Give me the 3 H's and let's roll for win #3.

  13. right, here we go:
    NW - Kevin Harvick
    F1 - Mark Webber
    Cup - Kurt Busch

  14. The beagle will go with-

    NW- Jowy

    F1- Vettel

    Cup- Kurt

    Woot! Donovan rocks!

    Ok back to NW race...


    heartbreak =(

    Ok back to NW race

  17. Klvalus...

    Did you see Ex-President Bill Clinton is on hand there at the World Cup?

    He said he was there because the US team was having trouble scoring! LOL!!!

  18. After Race 1

    Klv 1
    CR 1
    Hanny 1
    dwindy1 2
    jon 3
    Athens 4
    SB 4
    moseby 7
    Tez 7

    Will try to update tomorrow after F1 race. Love these close races :o).

  19. I want to drop Massa, and switch to Webber in F-1.

  20. someone please tell me how Danica has gotten all the way to Indycar without ever having thought about nudging someone out of the way in front of her....

  21. and comiserations to Kristen (and her footy team, lol) on that tough least your boy got the goal :)

  22. Red Bull gives you kittens! Scary ride there for Mark...I was still half asleep until that happened :o

  23. Smooth move! I switched to the 23rd finisher, when I would have had 14th in F-1. I wish their races were not on so early in the morning, so maybe I might have a clue about what's going on in that series. LOL

  24. Danica: Does that guy get a penalty or something?

    Eury Jr: No.

    Yeah, Dani, every time a guy gets loose. they penalize him.

  25. Good morning race fans! With rwo races down, Kristen breaks the 3-way tie for 1st and takes the lead; however, the Beagle is nipping at her heels.

    The standings-

    Klv 3
    SB 5
    jon 6
    Athens 7
    moseby 9
    CR 10
    dwindy1 11
    Hanny 25
    Tez 31

  26. least I can just watch the race without worrying about the trifecta, LOL!

  27. Condolences accepted Tez! =(

    But a win in the trifecta will heal some of the wound! Who knew I could finally pick a decent finisher in F1!

    So I have to root against Kurt eh? And Hammy and Smoke...those arent so bad!

    Let the race begin!

  28. Congrats to Kristen!

    Alonso finished 8th, not 9th.

  29. Another exciting finish to the Trifecta this week(NASCAR, are you paying attention. It CAN be done- and WITHOUT late race cautions).

    Kristen and Hanny both picked two out of three winners, but Kristen walks away with her 2nd win of the season by virtue of her 2nd place finish in the F1 race (Hanny's already pretty well documented his F1 finish).

    Congrats, Kristen.

    The final standings(with the correction for Alonso)

    Klv 4
    SB 8
    Athens 9
    dwindy1 12
    CR 15
    jon 20
    moseby 23
    Hanny 26
    Tez 34

  30. Oh and Tez, since you said you won't be around next week- if you want to send me your picks for (Nationwide, Cup, IRL), I'll get them posted for you. You will have to start at the back of the pack

  31. WTG, Kris!

    And, thanks to Tez for keeping me out of the

  32. Woot! Hated to root against Kurt but happy for my win here. We have to keep the pressure on CR!

    Thanks for hosting SB!

  33. congrats, Kristen!

    Wish I could have been reading this instead of sitting in hospital rooms all day. One patient is my cousin, waiting on a lung biopsy, the other patient is my ex-husband, in liver failure. The Crown Royal finally caught up with him. All you praying bloggers out there say a couple of extra prayers tonight. Thank you.♥

  34. well done, Kristen! Maybe I need to steal your picks, not the other way round ;)

    I shall consider it, SB...might flick you a message on FB with some picks. Well, someone has to finish last, Gene :P