Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Racing's First Super Owner, Raymond Parks

Racing pioneer, Raymond Parks passed away on Sunday. Father's Day was a fitting day, as he was the father of stock car racing as we know it today. Read the truth about Mr Parks and Bill France Sr here in this interesting post from closefinishes.com....


  1. Thanks for posting this, Gene. My grandfather and his brother were murdered in 1956 in a car wreck hauling liquor. That was all there was to do to make a living except work in a cotton mill and he left that for my grandmother to do.lol My cousin was writing a book about it when Daddy died 2 years ago. I hope he finishes it and someone makes a movie! He was born in 1911 so I have a feeling he might have heard of Mr. Parks at one time or another. We're about 50 miles from Dahlonega. Thanks again.

  2. Hey Gene!

    You know I enjoy history. Thanks for the link-up. Both the Ray Parks article and the link from there to Mr. Parks' 96th birthday celebration were wonderful.

    This fast paced world is too forgetful of the past and the people who made where we are and what we do possible...

  3. Thanks for posting the link to this story Gene. Seems like Nascar history is getting lost these days - and I should talk I don't know much about it!

  4. A friend sent me the link, and after seeing that the France family has not changed in 70 years, I had to post it. LOL

    This would make such a great movie!