Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Trifecta- Here Comes Peter Cottontail Edition

Greetings Trifecta players and Happy Easter! This week's edition of the Trifecta features races from the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, the NASCAR Nationwide Series, and Formula 1.

In the Chase for the coveted Triple Lug Nut Trophy, Kristen and Jon are tied with one win each.

Who will be the lucky player who finds the golden egg and scores this week's Trifecta win?


1. The NASCAR Camping World Truck race from Nashville, Friday April 2; green flag drops at 8:19pm ET. (entry list)

2. The NASCAR Nationwide race from Nashville, Saturday April 3; green flag drops at 4:16pm ET. (entry list)

3. The Formula 1 Malaysian Grand Prix Sunday April 4; green flag drops at 4:00am ET. (driver list)

Good luck and let's go racing.


  1. Trucks - Todd Bodine
    NW - Kyle Busch
    F1 - I'll take my gamble again, Mark Webber

  2. Guess I wont see the GP of Malaysia live - 4 am?

    Trucks - Kevin Harvick
    NW - Kyle Busch
    F1 - Felipe Massa to get Ferrari back on track

  3. Well lets see if I can add to my winnings...

    Trucks - Hornaday
    NW - Keslowski
    F1 - Alonso

  4. NCWS- Bad Man Harvick

    NNS- Kyle Busch

    F1- Lewis (no extra set of tires please) Hamilton

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  6. Drivers logged in.

    Yeppers, 4am green flag for the F1 race

  7. CWTS....KYLE!

    NNS.....BRAD! Super K...The Situation


  8. Trucks--Matt Crafton

    NNW--Kevin Harvick

    F1--Robert Kubica

  9. switching my F1 pick to...Jenson Button. After whatever happened is practice yesterday, if Webber now wins, I'm taking full credit for taking the pressure off him :P

  10. The Beagle will be going with an SB theme this week:

    Trucks- Skinner

    F1- Button

    NNS- Sliced Bread

  11. With one race down, here are the standings:

    Hanny 1
    moseby 2
    CR 2
    Klv 3
    Tez 5
    jon 6
    SB 7

  12. ...and Webber grabs a soggy pole position by the narrow margin of 1.3 seconds. Wonder if I can convince the gf to stay up and watch the race with me, lol

  13. tez... I'm staying up for it. Too bad it's always raining there...

  14. Ok, sorry for the lack of updates yesterday. I spent yesterday morning at the doctor's office with an abscessed tooth, and my ISP was down last night.

    After the Nationwide race, the standings look like this:

    moseby 5
    CR 5
    Hanny 6
    jon 7
    Tez 8
    Klv 8
    SB 15

    And with the F1 results figured in, we have our first tie of the season-

    CR 11
    jon 11
    moseby 12
    Hanny 13
    Tez 16
    Klv 21
    SB 23

    The win goes to CR by virtue of an earlier time stamp on his picks. Tez, if you had gone with your original pick of Webber for the F1 race...

    Next week's line up: Nationwide, Sprint Cup, and IRL.

    KRisten, since you will be at the track next week, feel free to send me your picks early. (While you're there, I think you should bake Jimmie and Chad a big batch of chocolate chip cookies for race day.)

  15. dang it, I knew that'd happen, LOL!

    congrats, CR! :)

  16. That was a photo finish for us Jon! Thanks all.

  17. Nice job, CR!

    Jeez, If I had watched F1 qualifying, would have changed my pick. That's what I get for not watching much any more.