Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Starting a new thread to keep it fresh...


no definite dinner plans yet

Okay, it's time to put together a contact sheet. Because I can't get to last year's list, I'll be starting from scratch. If you're coming, let me hear from you. Please email me (RycHead@yahoo.com)

* your name

* your cell number

* day you plan to arrive

* day you plan to leave

* if you'll have a car or if you'll need to ride with someone else

* your hotel plans (where, need a roomie, etc)

* ticket situation (if you have em, where are your seats? If you don't, do you want to sit with the group?)

* going to dinner with us?

* anything else I'm forgetting.

So far we've got Kristen, me, Jon, Tez, & Sal.
Everyone's welcome, sign in now!


  1. I'll send you my info Melissa...think you already know most of it! LOL

    Thanks for managing the database!

  2. I do have your phone and Jon's in my address book, and I know your dinner,ticket, and hotel plans! What's left to know?

    Meanwhile, I found another restaurant to make our decision tougher.
    The Pearl

  3. email sent yesterday, RA6AN...forgot to chuck in a '1' at the start of my phone number though :(

  4. Got it, Tez! Thanks!

    Now I need to hear from Jon & Sal.

    A note to all y'all, I'm thinking all are traveling solo, so let me know if you will be bringing a guest with you so we'll have enough tickets and dinner seats reserved.

  5. I have a friend that wants to make the trip if all goes well we will drive down (Oh the stress)

  6. OOPs I forgot to add, I know smoking rooms are not a priority for y'all. I may stay near where I did before since the path to the track is not too hard from there

  7. Hey Yee!!

    We would love to have you and your friend! We are pretty sure the Ramada has smoking rooms that is why we picked it. They may be at a premium since I know some of the teams stay there and they can be smokers too. I would call hotel and see if any are available.

  8. thanks for the info Kristen. Will do

  9. Kristen, if I remember correctly, the Ramada does have smoking rooms.

  10. Hopefully Yee got a smoking room there!

    So Valli who joined us for dinner last year will probably join us again...also she is trying to put together a Fast and Fabulous Party on Friday PM after quals. Will put those deets up here when I get them.