Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Trifecta- We're Off to See the Wizard Edition

"As mayor of the Munchkin City, in the county of the land of Oz, I welcome you most regally..." to this week's Trifecta.

That's right race fans. NASCAR clicks its heels three times and returns to Kansas for two of this week's featured races.

Before we get to this week's races, however, I'd like your honest thoughts on last week's "Build Your Own" format. There are a few more weekends this season where there will be at least four races, and sometimes it's not easy trying to decide which races to choose.

Now on to this week's races:

First up is the NASCAR Nationwide race from Kansas Speedway; the green flag drops Saturday 10/3 at 3:46pm ET. You may not pick the same driver for both the Nationwide and the Cup races.

The second race is the F1 Japanese Grand Prix; the green flag drops Sunday 10/4 at 1:00am ET.

The last race is the NASCAR Sprint Cup race from Kansas Speedway; the green flag drops Sunday 10/4 at 2:16pm ET.

Good luck, and let's go racing.


  1. NW....Kyle

    F1....Button (hurry back Massa)


  2. NW - Carl Edwards

    F1 - Rubens Barrichello, for now

    Cup - Mark Martin, something say's Jeff Gordon?

  3. NNS- Clint Bowyer

    F1- Sebastian Vettel

    Cup- Tony Stewart

    I liked "build your own".

  4. nw Biffle

    cup Edwards

    gotta research my f1 pick

  5. SB... I may dump Tony for Biffle in the Cup race. Have to see how the cars look in practice 1st.

  6. f1 Rosberg

    ok, now don't keep track of how many times I change my mind

  7. Thanks for the input, CR. I liked it, too. Some weeks(like this one), we don't have a choice, but I think for weeks that there are more than 3 races on the schedule, it's the way to go. That way,everyone can follow the races they are interested in.

  8. Hey RA6AN-

    Rosburg is a respectable choice.

    BTW, I hear Jack has another assignment for you :o)

  9. Nationwide Kyle Busch


    Cup Tony Stewart

  10. shhhhh, it's s'posta be top secret!

  11. Cup--Vickers



  12. Cup - Jeff Gordon

    F1 - Vettel

    Nationwide - Kyle

    The build your own idea was good - nice of shaking it up.

    P.S. There will no AFNK this week (put your pitchforks and burning torches away)

  13. I like all the different Trifecta's you do SB - but it is interesting I cant seem to win them anymore!! LOL

    NW - Logano

    F1 - Mark Webber

    Cup - JJ

  14. NNS - Keselowski

    F1 - Button

    Cup - VIVA Montoya! He is Juan!

  15. NNS - Kyle Busch

    F1 - Button

    Cup - Tony Stewart

  16. The Beagle is going with

    NNS- Brad Keselowski

    F1- Rubens Barrichello

    Cup- Dale Earnhardt Jr. (Ratings are down, and judging from qualifying, Jr got Jimmie's stuff this week.)

  17. Looks like we're in for another close one this week.

    Standings after the Nationwide race:

    Kristen 1
    Hanahan 2
    Tsfan 2
    Jbroomy 2
    Beverly 2
    moseby 3
    SB 3
    jon_464 4
    RA6AN 5
    F2 7
    CR 9

    Tsfan- I need your F1 pick.

  18. Well, I'm looking good for the F1 race. Vettel grabbed the pole.

  19. SB... When you post the results, could you include the Cup picks. I'll need to change my driver for a chance to win, and it'll help to see who picked who in your post. Thanks...

    Congrats to Vettel. Strong performance!

  20. Thought I help you out SB as I was up for the F1 race so if you don't want to know till you see the race don't look below.
    One race to go, If you want a chance to win we all need the Jeff Gordon to have a very bad day cause JB is top

    1. Jbroomy - 3 with Jeff Gordon - 1 win
    2. Jon464 - 7 - Vickers
    3. CR Racing - 10 - Tony - 1 win
    3. Hanahan - 10 with JJ
    3. Beverly - 10 - Tony
    3. Speedbeagle - 10 - Dale Jr
    3. Ra6an - 10 - Carl Flipper Edwards
    4. Moseby - 11 - Montoya
    5. F-2 -- 14 - Mark
    6. Kristen 18 - JJ
    7. Tsfanpc - 21 as no f1 pick unless

    Now on Tsfanpc that was adding the 2 that DNF as Webber was last running at 19.

    Good luck but it looks like a 2 car race with Jon and Jbroomy..

  21. Thanks, F2.

    CR- You are safe with Tony as the tie breaker will go to you because you posted before Beverly.

  22. Thanks F2 & SB! Mark Martin "Super Turtle" is probably going to win. I should drop Smoke for him, but I refuse to! Go Tony, Go Ryan!

  23. Looks like Jbroomy's going to win--Vickers is 32nd. Vickers has been fighting an ill-handling car.

  24. Congrats to Jbroomy on his 2nd Blogspot Trifecta win.

    The final standings-

    Jbroomy 5
    CR 11
    Beverly 11
    moseby 15
    Hanahan 19
    RA6AN 20
    F2 21
    Tsfan 22
    Kristen 27
    jon_464 44
    SB 46

    Kristen- I know you're leaving for Oz for the next two weeks, but if you want to leave picks for the next two races, just leave a post or send me an e-mail. And don't forget to say "hi" to the wizard for me. What do you mean, she's not going to THAT Oz??? Nevermind.

  25. Congrats to jbroomy!

    SB, I'm leaving for La La Land Thursday, so I'll do my picks now if it's ok. Look for me at the Cup race, I'll wave! LOL

    NNS- Kyle Busch
    IRL- Dario
    Cup- Jimmie

  26. SB - appreciate the offer but I have no idea who to pick so I'll sit out the next few until I will be after Martinsville!! yipee!

    Will definitely say hi to the wizard for you...