Sunday, September 27, 2009

Who Would You Throw Under The Bus?

Folks, it's that time of week again. With the baseball season and NASCAR winding down, college and pro football heating up, and the NBA and NHL about to start their seasons, there are PLENTY of teams and individuals that you, the sports fan, can throw under the Bus. I know there are plenty of nominees that I have.

Washington Redskins: what in the HELL was THAT? Losing to the Detroit LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLions??? Inexcusable and unforgivable. The Redskins' awful 9-7 win over a putrid St. Louis Rams team was a harbinger of things to come. Jim Zorn needs to go. To be touted as a possible playoff team and to lose to a team that was on a 19-game losing streak? The Redskins need to get thrown under, then have the Bus back up over them, then get thrown under again. Then the process needs to be repeated over and over.

Oakland Raiders: I have found a team even more pathetic than the Washington Redskins. That was a pathetic effort put forth by the Silver and Black at home. I figured that they would lose to the Broncos, but put forth a spirited effort. Instead, JaMarcus Russell was putrid, the defense couldn't stop anybody, and they made Kyle Orton look like Dan Marino in his prime. The QBs behind Russell are dreck. Bruce Gradkowski and Charlie Frye? You've GOT to be KIDDING me!!! You SHOULD be automatically motivated to play against a division rival. But the Raiders were flat. Because the Raiders were that flat, they get thrown under the Bus.

Cleveland Browns: yet another putrid effort by a putrid team. I figured they would lose to the Baltimore Ravens, but at least put forth a BETTER effort. At least they don't have QB issues, unlike the Raiders. But they have coaching and talent issues. Eric Mangini fined a player just over $1,700 for leaving a $3 bar tab at the team's hotel last week. It's getting ugly in Cleveland, and it's going to be a LONG winter. For their "effort", the Browns get thrown under the Bus.

St. Louis Rams: this team could go 0-16. They are that bad. At least they did manage to score two TDs in their loss to Green Bay. But they still got blown out. At home, no less. Steve Spagnuolo should weed out the players that don't want to play and CUT THEM. Then he should replace them with ones that WANT to play. The Rams get thrown under the Bus.

The Fan that Caught Matt Carson’s first MLB HR: the Oakland A’s outfielder was ecstatic about hitting his first MLB home run recently. That is, until he learned that the fan that caught it DEMANDED NO LESS than $10,000 for the ball. What a greedy bastard. Fan, you’re a real PRICK. It may be the only HR that Carson ever hits in the big leagues, and you’re trying to shake him and the A’s down? Looks like you learned from the best: Al $harpton and Je$$e Jack$on. Fan, you and the other shakedown artists and frauds ALL go under the Bus.

Los Angeles Dodgers: even though they clinched a playoff berth, losing two of three to the Pittsburgh Pirates is embarrassing. Particularly when you allow FOUR runs in the bottom of the ninth to the Pirates. That will get you thrown under the Bus every single time.

California Golden Bears: for a team that was touted to possibly overtake the USC Trojans for the Pac-10 title, they laid a putrid egg against the Oregon Ducks. Yecccccch. Once again, they disappoint, right on cue. For that, the Golden Bears get thrown under the Bus.

Those are my nominees for the week. Feel free to come in with yours.


  1. Brad Keselowski....sorry, but having less than a fender on the inside of another car doesn't qualify as 'already having position'.

    If you want to be a decent Cup driver next year, maybe you should think about racing people the way you'd want them to race you....wrecking people is a sure fire way not to get respect from drivers or fans, buddy.

  2. That's a good one, Tez! I forgot to add Lee Spencer of Fox Sports--she basically said that the Chase was over and to hand the title to either JJ or Mark Martin. Uh, Lee, have you SEEN the schedule? There are EIGHT races to go, and Big Bad Talladega is a House of Horrors for HMS, with the exception of Jeff Gordon. Dega's laying in wait for JJ and Mark. An addendum: Montoya's only 35 points in arrears to Martin, and Dega and Martinsville are two of his best tracks.

  3. Lee Spencer gets tossed under the Bus for her inane and premature proclamation.

  4. Hey jon, as much as I hate to do it, my team the Bucs need to go under the bus for staying with Leftwich too long. When they come out from under Freeman should be their quarterback.

    Nice job as always, take care.

  5. I'll toss ESPN/ABC under the bus AGAIN for their pathetic post race coverage. WHY oh WHY do we need to listen to Brad and Rusty wax poetic for a full hour before the race and then barely get the winner in VL interviewed? What is this crap!?!?

  6. I concur with Kristen....they also mocked Marcos' (and therefore my) Vegemite in the pre-race show, dang it!

  7. Miami Hurricanes coach, Randy Shannon goes under for not having Da U even close to being ready for the rain and hostile environment up in the backwoods of Blacksburg, Va.

    Brad Kez is making new enemies every race, NNS and SCS.

  8. Jon:

    This has nothing to do with these teams. What is the deal with Pittsburg loosing to the Cincinnati Bengals? It was 29 to 7 in the last quarter. We got to throw the Pittsburg team under the bus for loosing to the Bengals. Did they leave the field too early.

  9. Aero, it's going to be a LONG season for both of our teams! Carolina looked VERY undisciplined and unfocused, much like a boy off his ADD/ADHD meds. As for Freeman, he's the Bucs' QB of the future. I saw him play when he was with K-State and they played at Fresno State, and he was impressive back then.

    Kristen, I completely skipped the prerace in favor of the Niners-Vikings tilt. But I concur with you about ABC's coverage.

    Gene, the U is going through some growing pains. In another year they'll be an elite team. They'll learn how to win those kinds of games as they get experience. Brad better start racing a lot cleaner or else he's going to have a HUGE bull's eye on his back bumper.

    Photogr, I caught the last minute or so of that Steelers-Bengals tilt. I think the Steelers were playing prevent defense. All it does is prevent the team from winning. But give the Bengals credit, they converted THREE 4th and long situations on that final drive.

  10. Even though the Rams are my team, I have to throw them down in front of the bus. They may very well go 0-16 now that the Lions have shown they might not be beatable.

  11. I agree with all yours and have many more to add, Cards Defense coach vs Indy and only rushing 3 or 4 line man to try and get to Payton is a joke,, then watching Colts D blizts & clime all over Kurt. It is the same reason you lost the superbowl by giving Ben all the time he needed.

    The NFL Refs are letting too much holding going on down field.

    The NFL for not getting down to why all the helmets keep coming off during play,, I saw one player put his on as if it was 2 sizes bigger, that thing should need a shoe horn to help get it on and off.

    Kyle Busch for trying to make sure his car would not be able to come back on to the track by hitting the wall one more time. lol.

    Cheers Jon

  12. jmayer1843, the real issue with the Rams is the injuries; their O-linemen keep dropping like flies. Plus their WR corps are the Kiddie Korps--lots of rookies and second year men. That means lots of inexperience.

    F2, WHY do teams INSIST on rushing Manning with only three down linemen? His WRs know how to find holes in those zones and he knows how to find them. I've noticed that lots of helmets keep coming off. As for Kyle, his issue was with his right front tire. He knew he didn't have a good car, but he should have worked more closely with his crew chief to make it better. JGR as a whole was HORRIBLE.