Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Trifecta- It All Comes Down To This Edition

Greetings, race fans and welcome to the final Trifecta of the 2011 season. NASCAR has finally gotten what it wanted when they came up with the Chase; unfortunately for the Trifecta, there's no such drama here. Dwindy seized control of the standings early in the season (despite his protestations that he didn't have a chance) and claimed the Coveted Triple Lug Nut Trophy in mid October.

We still have a three way tie between Tez, Hanny, and Dwindy for the most pathetic score of the season- 68. Again, if you would like to go for that trophy, you may only use ONE start and park (or wreck) driver.

This week's line up: jon moseby Hanny Dwindy SB CR tez kristen

This weeks races:

1.) The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Race, Friday November 18; green flag drops at 8:18pm ET (entry list)

2.) The NASCAR Nationwide Series Race, Saturday November 19; green flag drops at 4:45pm ET (entry list)

3.) The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Race, Sunday November 20; green flag drops at 3:15pm ET.

There you have it. Please check the entry lists for Trucks and Nationwide to make sure that your driver pick IS racing this weekend.

Good luck, and let's go racing!!!


  1. triple digits, here I come!

    Trucks - Norm Benning
    NW - Derrike Cope
    Cup - Mike Bliss

  2. The Beagle is going with:

    CWTS- Austin Dillon

    NNS- Denny Hamlin

    Cup- Kyle

  3. Hey Tez, she meant ONE start and park driver, NOT THREE!! :P And since I've won twice, I'm going to go out in a blaze of glory!

    Trucks: Kevin Harvick

    NW: Ricky Stenhouse

    Cup: Smoke FTW AND the Title!!

  4. LOL @ Tez!

    How about this?

    The Denny-fecta!

    I'll take Denny Hamlin across the Homestead board for only the second driver to win all three in a weekend!

  5. Ok, the people in the brown, tan and white hauler have checked the race results for all three series. Both Norm Benning and Derrick Cope have been running at the end of the race in their respective series. Tez's driver picks constitute a legal entry.

  6. A note to Tez-

    You'll need to keep an eye on qualifying results to make sure your drivers make the race.

  7. Jon; I checked the last few races and both Cope and Benning have been between 3 and 10 laps down by the end of the race so I don't think that would class them as S&P :/

  8. SB is faster out of the hauler than me I see, lol

    will check quals for the grid in case I do need to pick again, no question about that :)

  9. I'll go with an all Penske send off...

    Trucks - Parker
    NW - Sam (one week too late)
    Cup - Kurt

  10. Hanny(via FB)- working late, will take Sauter in the truck race and pick the others later.

  11. Trucks - Austin Dillon
    Nationwide - Carl Edwards but not the one he needs cause....
    Cup - Smoke Tony Stewart and Championship #3!

    Thanks for the hard work Katie - much appreciated and I will rooting hard for the #14 Car!

  12. CR here...

    Trucks... Ron Horntoad

    NW... Carl Edwards

    Cup... Biffle

  13. After one:

    Hanny 1
    Dwindy 2
    jon 3
    moseby 10
    SB 10
    CR 13
    kristen 14
    tez 29

  14. NW.... T Bayne

    Cup... Da Champ! x 3

    Go Smoke!

  15. After 2:

    jon 5
    Dwindy 7
    Hanny 12
    moseby 13
    SB 15
    CR 16
    kristen 21
    tez 59

  16. Has the Beagle been chewing overtime???

  17. I think I'll trade Bliss for McDowell since he's usually a good bet for a S&P, lol

  18. I think that might be the ONLY time we'll EVER see Norm Benning picked for ANYTHING! I knew Benning ran to the end, and I thought Derrike Cope was a start and park driver.

  19. Dwindy- of course the Beagle has been chewing overtime. Plus copious amounts of duck jerky and duck sauce from our favorite Chinese take-out poured over her beagle chow. And it's DUCK SEASON in the state of Texas.

  20. Regardless of what happens Tony Stewart has put on one heck of a driving exhibition today!

  21. Great performance out of Tony to secure the championship. WTG!

  22. Congrats Jon!

    Gotta go now but I'll leave you with one amazing stat...

    Tony Stewart passed 118 cars on his way to victory tonight!

  23. congrats Jon!

    Dwindy, I have checked with border authority and they assure me the coveted trophy will not be confiscated....thought you should know :P

  24. The final standings- congrats to jon on his 4th win of the season and congrats???? to tez for getting the most pathetic score of the season. That last minute switch to McDowell did the trick.

    jon 6
    Hanny 13
    moseby 14
    Dwindy 16
    SB 38
    CR 51
    kristen 55
    tez 102

  25. Next week, I will post the "Banquet." Dwindy will be picking up the bar tab and catering bill.

  26. Thank you SB for another great season of Trifecta!

  27. Congrats to Jon and Dwindy and thanks to SB for hosting another great trifecta...

    Bah Humbug! on the racing today though! =)

  28. WTG Jon! And congrats to the 1 x Champ, Dwindy!

  29. Now Kristen :o)

    Thought for a while that I was going to have to dig Katie's stuffed scallop shell out of the bottom of the toy box when it was rumored that Kurt's debris caused the hole in Tony's grill.

  30. Thanks Gene! And congrats to Dwindy on winning the Trifecta Championship! Looking forward to next season!