Friday, November 11, 2011

The Trifecta- Duel In The Desert Edition

Greetings race fans! This week finds us in Phoenix for Nationwide and Sprint Cup racing with a side trip to Abu Dhabi for the F1 race.

Last week, it was noted that Hanny and Dwindy had tied Tez for the most pathetic score of the season. Should anyone want to go for sole possession of that title, you may do so BUT YOU CAN ONLY USE ONE START AND PARKER- or start and wrecker in the case of some drivers who shall remain (insert name here) .

This week's lineup: SB jon tez moseby CR kristen Hanny Dwindy

This week's races:

1.) The NASCAR Nationwide Series race from Phoenix, Saturday November 12; green flag drops at 3:45pm ET (entry list)

2.) The F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Sunday November 13; green flag drops at 8:00am ET.

3.) The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Race from Phoenix, Sunday November 13; green flag drops at 3:15pm ET.

Have fun, and let's go racing!


  1. CR here;

    NNS- Sliced Bread

    F1- Lewis Hamilton

    Cup- Smoke, 3 in a row?

  2. Hmm, despite dismal results in the 'fecta I am going with some more "good guys" this weekend.

    NNS - Bayne

    F1 - Alonso

    Cup - Kenseth

  3. The Beagle is going with:

    NNS- Trevor

    F1- Vettel (who else?)

    Cup- to be named later

  4. Since you are selecting Trevor SB, I'll switch my NNS good guy driver to 'Lil Gator.

  5. Hmmmmm.... SB's takin' Cousin Carl in the Cup race just to hex him!

    Here we go!

    NWS - Hamlin
    F1 - Hamilton
    Cup - Harvick

    Thank you Ms. SB!

  6. Well... Broke the spell with that one... Remove Hamlin and replace with Hornaday! LOL!

  7. NW.... Carl E

    F-1... Vettel

    Cup... Carl E

  8. Dwindy- NEVER!!!!!

    As for the Beagle's Cup pick, we will be going with Jeff Burton.

  9. Tez- via FB

    NNS- Brad K

    F1- Vettel

    Cup- JJ

  10. NNS--Stenhouse



  11. Changing my Cup pick to Jeff Gordon. Thank you very much!

  12. moseby (via FB last night)

    NNS- Brad K

    F1- Alonso

    Cup- JJ

  13. After one:

    tez 2
    moseby 2
    Hanny 3
    CR 4
    jon 5
    SB 6
    kristen 9
    Dwindy 13

  14. woohoo! Slidin Sam gets the win..dang it I didnt even know he was racing or I wouldda picked him!

  15. Kristen-

    This is why you should always check the entry lists :o)

  16. After two:

    moseby 4
    CR 5
    jon 6
    kristen 11
    Dwindy 14
    tez 26
    Hanny 27
    SB 30

  17. Note to self.... stop changing your awesome initial picks!

  18. Congrats to Jon! ....see what happens when you think outside the Happy box? LOL

  19. The final standings

    jon 8
    moseby 18
    Hanny 29
    Dwindy 33
    SB 34
    CR 37
    tez 40
    kristen 45

    Jon gets his 3rd win of the season. A word from the Beagle- every time you pick Carl to jinx him, he does good. STOP THAT!!! :o)

    CR is obviously kicking himself for tossing away the win by dumping Tony.

  20. Thanks CR! I figured that Ricky would be consistent in the NNS race, and Carl would be consistent in the Cup race.

  21. @ Kristen... I guess good guys really do finish last!

  22. way to go, Jon!

    my jinx on Vettel finally worked, LOL

  23. Congrats Jon! Dang that Vickers!!! I was cruisin with my good guys until he decided to be an ass again...grrrr.