Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Trifecta-One Down, Five To Go

Greetings, race fans! It's Trifecta time again, and in the Chase for the Coveted Triple Lug Nut Trophy, it's simple: if anyone other than CR wins, the trophy goes to Dwindy.

This week the NASCAR Nationwide and Cup drivers head home to Charlotte, the Truck series heads to Las Vegas, F1 heads to Korea, and IndyCar also heads to Las Vegas where they will bid a fond farewell to Danica Patrick as that series closes out its 2011 season.

The starting line up: CR Hanny jon tez moseby Dwindy SB kristen

On to the races:

1.) The NASCAR Nationwide Series race from Charlotte, Friday October 14; green flag drops at 7:46pm ET (entry list)

2.) The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race from Las Vegas, Saturday October 15; green flag drops at 3:47pm ET (entry list)

3.) The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race from Charlotte, Saturday October 15; green flag drops at 7:46pm ET.

4.) The F1 Korean Grand Prix, Sunday October 16; green flag drops at 2:00am ET.

5.) The IndyCar race from Las Vegas, Sunday October 16; green flag drops at 3:45pm ET.

There you have it. Good luck, and let's go racing!


  1. Tez (via Facebook)

    CWTS- Hornaday

    Cup- JJ

    F1- Vettel

    (Tez will be away from the computer all weekend, but sent me detailed instructions on what to do with his Trifecta picks)

  2. The Beagle will be going with:

    Trucks- Dillon

    Nationwide- Bad Brad

    F1- Vettel

  3. Trucks--Johnny Sauter

    NNS--Carl Edwards

    Cup--Carl Edwards

  4. CR here, and my picks are;

    CWTS>> Austin Dillon

    F1>> Mark Webber

    IndyCar>> Scott Dixon

    I may change my F1 driver after I see how practice & qualifying goes.

  5. Okay... I'm dancin' with the girls that I brought to this prestigious event!

    CWTS - Kyle Busch!
    F1 - Sebastion Vettel!
    IndyCar - Will Power!

    Take that CR!

    Thank you Ms. SB!

  6. Dwindy- Kyle is racing in the Nationwide race- NOT the truck race (he'd have to be in Las Vegas and Charlotte at the same time)

  7. Sorry about that... Usually the truck race comes up first in your order. Soooooo, lets switch young Mr. Busch over to the Nationwide race! Simple!

  8. NW.... Carl E

    CWTS.. Sauter

    Cup... Kenseth

  9. lol Dwindy, I like your first pick in the truck race. I think you should have stuck with it! The 18 will be driven by somebody, no doubt.

  10. Go get Dwindy CR!

    NW - Edwards

    Cup - JJ

    IRL - Power

  11. Cup - Harvick
    F1 - Button
    IRL - Dario

  12. NWS... Now that was some good racing! No matter what you say, that Carl Edwards is one heck of a wheel man... What a comeback with a skinned up car!

  13. we shouldda included the Better Half Dash!

  14. The Beagle is dropping Dillon and taking Dixon in IndyCar.

  15. Tez will be dropping JJ for Dario.

  16. I'll be dropping JJ for Alonso

  17. Standings:

    (Dwindy, Tez, Moseby, SB, and CR still have two races to go. Kristen has one race left. Hanny and Jon are through.)

    Dwindy 2
    Hanny 6
    tez 6
    moseby 6
    jon 8
    SB 11
    CR 17
    kristen 35

  18. I'm dropping Sauter in Trucks and going with Ed Carpenter in Indy.

  19. See above SB - I dropped JJ for Alonso...I think I did it in enough time for F1 start??

  20. Jon, Sauter had a 4th place finish in the truck race. You have a total of 8 points with your race card finished.

    Kristen- Yes you made the deadline for dropping JJ. Evidently, we were posting at the same time.

  21. Here are the standings with the IndyCar race still to come:

    Dwindy 3
    Hanny 6
    tez 7
    jon 8
    moseby 10
    kristen 11
    SB 12
    CR 20

    It's down to Dwindy and Hanny for this week's win. Hanny no doubt is hoping that Power finishes 3rd or worse.

    And your 2011 Trifecta champion is:


  22. I'm dropping Dillon in the truck race and going with Carl in the NNS. LOL ...shoud've, would've.....

    Congratulations Dwindy on your phenomenal performance this year. I expect a Dwindy/Kenseth type change in Trifecta rules next year. Either that, or I'm gonna have to find a voodoo dog toy matching your description!

  23. Yep, we need a nascar style Chase to reset the field for the last leg of the Trifecta next season.

    Share the wealth! Fair share! Redistribution!

    Dwindy is the 1%

  24. I don't know how everyone else feels about it, but I'm not declaring a winner in this week's Trifecta.

    We all love racing, and unfortunately, every once in a while we get a reminder of just how dangerous racing is. Today was one of those days.

    Next weekend is an off weekend, and there are four more weekends left on the schedule after that.

    Thoughts and prayers to Dan Wheldon, his family, friends, and team members.

  25. Another one of the good guys is gone too soon...

    Dan Wheldon the Spirit of Saint Petersburg...

  26. So sad. My thoughts and prayers to Dan's family, and to all his friends in the racing world.

  27. God Speed Dan. Heartbroken for his young family. That wreck was unreal.

  28. I'm with you there SB. My condolences and prayers to the Wheldon family and the Indy Car community. That wreck was the worst I've seen in the many years I've been a racing fan. I've seen some bad wrecks at Indy and other tracks, but it usually has involved one or a few drivers. This one had debris strewn for half a mile. When I saw the yellow tarp covering Wheldon's car, I had that sickening feeling about what happened to him.

  29. I watched what happened in Las Vegas yesterday... Sometimes reality is not what you want to see. I've felt terrible since hearing the news about Dan Wheldon. The St. Petersburg Times' front page this morning features a bold headline and large photo about Dan while the Tampa Tribune has a picture of Dan with his wife and two little boys standing next to the Indianapolis 500 trophy from last May.

    Dan's gone now and may God watch over his family.

  30. I got back home today and heard about it on the radio....I'm stunned :(