Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Trifecta- The Last Glimmer of Hope Edition

Greetings, race fans.We're a little later than usual getting this posted due to equipment upgrades(the Beagle got a new laptop, and we've been transferring files all day).

It's Trifecta time again, and time to see if anyone can rain on Dwindy's parade(we've got a 60% chance of severe thunderstorms here throughout the weekend).

Here's the scoop. Right now, Dwindy leads the chase for the Coveted Triple Lug Nut Trophy with 9 wins. In addition to that, he also leads the pack with 25 first place picks.

With 6 races left in the Trifecta season, Hanny, CR, SB, and Tez still have a shot at the title; however, it will take a run on the Trifecta that will make Jimmie's five straight championships look like a walk in the park. One of the aforementioned players will need to sweep the remaining 6 Trifectas, and either surpass Dwindy in first place picks OR win one week with a perfect score.

This week's starting line up:
tez CR Dwindy moseby Hanny SB kristen jon

This week's races:

1.) The NASCAR Nationwide Series Race from Kansas, Saturday October 8; green flag drops at 3:46pm ET (entry list)

2.) The F1 Japanese Grand Prix, Sunday October 9; green flag drops at 2:00am ET.

3.) The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Race from Kansas, Sunday October 9; green flag drops at 2:14pm ET.

There you have it. Good luck and let's go racing.


  1. SB, couldn't you have lost some of Dwindy's finishes in the data transfer? Or should I say, could you? lol

    NNS>> Carl Edwards

    F1>> Jensen Button

    Cup>> Jimmie Johnson

  2. Congrats on the new laptop, Speedy.

    NNS... Carl E

    F-1 ... Vettel

    Cup ... Kenseth

  3. NNS--"BAD" Brad Keselowski

    F1--Sebastian "Sea Bass" Vettel

    Cup--Kevin "Happy" Harvick

  4. CR- I might have been able to lose some of his 1st place picks, but his finishes are backed up on the blogs. Sorry.

    Thanks, Hanny. Some of the keys aren't in the same place that they were on the old one, but so far, I'm loving it(and I don't see THAT much difference between Vista and Windows 7).

  5. I didn't know puppies had laps... Hmmm... Belly top? GRRRRRR.... Sorry, okay? Shees...

    Here we go!

    NWS - Joe Logano in the JGR 18!
    F1 - It's Webber time!
    Cup - Kyle!

    Where's the Super V-8 race from Bathurst???

    Thanks Ms. SB!

  6. Dwindy, I think you just stole Tez's line on Bathurst. I'm just sayin'....

  7. I say if Dwindy wins this week we give him a big ole trophy and then reset the points for the final races and have a mini shootout!

    Here goes my crapshoot picks!

    NW - Menard

    F1 - Alonso

    Cup - Gordo (not Robby!)

  8. The Beagle is going with:

    NNS- Happy

    F1- Dwindy, I mean Vettel(kinda hard to tell them apart these days)

    Cup- Kyle

  9. NNS - Vickers

    F1 - Hamilton

    Cup - BK

  10. NW - Joey Logano
    F1 - Jenson Button
    Cup - Jimmie Johnson (just to keep the J's going, lol)

    bonus pick for Bathurst....gotta go with Jamie Whincup and his codriver :P

  11. After one, looks like Hanny and CR are working hard to rain on Dwindy's parade. Tez and the Beagle aren't out of it yet.

    jon 1
    CR 2
    Hanny 2
    kristen 4
    SB 6
    tez 7
    Dwindy 7
    moseby 8

  12. Tez, good thing your Whincup pick doesn't count... poor guy is having issues. Darryl isn't one of them...

  13. The hill on this track reminds me of Laguna Seca. Seems a bit more elevation though.

  14. ...well, a lot more elevation! Good race, in spite of DW's good ol' boys color comentary.

  15. Why did Vettel feel the need to play dirty on the start?

  16. After 2:

    CR 3
    jon 4
    Hanny 5
    kristen 6
    tez 8
    SB 9
    Dwindy 11
    moseby 13

    Tez and Dwindy if you want to go for a win, you will need to change your drivers.

  17. Thanks for the heads up Ms. SB!

    I guess I'll switch to the pole sitter (he'll never win...) and ride along with the #16 RFR Ford and kibitz Greg Biffle...

  18. I'll take the local boy who, despite what the record books say, won this race in 2007 as he crossed the line first; Clint Bowyer

  19. oh, and for those who missed it, DW's hot lap around Bathurst is up on youtube....since laughter is the best medicine and all :P

  20. CR almost pulls of a perfect score as he captures his 4th win of the season. Can he sweep the remaining races and unseat Dwindy from the champion's table at the banquet. Tune in next week.

    Final Standings:

    CR 4
    Hanny 9
    jon 10
    tez 15
    moseby 16
    Dwindy 19
    SB 20
    kristen 40- maybe you should have gone with Robby instead of Jeffie :o)

  21. Dang, missed perfection by 1 spot! Oh well, at least Dwindy will have to wait another week to celebrate. :)

  22. I was looking good until Big Daddy blew up! Congrats to CR!