Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Trifecta- My Kind Of Town Edition

Greetings, race fans! This week, the Trifecta rolls into Chicago with races in all three NASCAR series. There is also an optional side trip to Japan for the IndyCar race.

This week's starting line up:
1 tez
2 dwindy
3 hanny
4 cr
5 jon
6 moseby
7 kristen
8 sb

The races:

1.) The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race from Chicago, Friday September 16; green flag drops at 8:19pm ET. (entry list)

2.) The NASCAR Nationwide Series race from Chicago, Saturday, September 17; green flag drops at 3:46pm ET. (entry list)

3.) The IndyCar race from Japan, Sunday September 18; green flag drops at 12:00am ET.

4.) The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race from Chicago, Sunday September 18; green flag drops at 2:14pm ET.

One more thing- the Beagle isn't buying your explanation for calling Tony a beefcake, Kristen(extremely overweight???? I think NOT!!!)

Let's go racing!!!


  1. CWTS.... KYLE!

    NW ..... The Carl

    Cup..... Matty K

  2. CR here, and I'm leaving the open-wheel guys this weekend. Too many bad things happened in Japan this year. Don't think I'd touch that race with out a hazmat suit!

    Trucks> Austin Dillon

    NW> The above mentioned Carl

    Cup> Fly'n Ryan

  3. Here we go!

    CWTS - Hornaday (Trying to impress!)
    NWS - Stenhouse (Going for the gusto!)
    Cup - J. Gordon (Off to a flying start!)

    Thank You Ms. SB!

  4. did Tony glue himself to the wall or something?

    Trucks - James Buescher
    Indycar - Dario Franchitti
    Cup - Jimmie Johnson

  5. Kristen...

    That track owner from Australia just walked in the door to Tony's left! He's thinkin' "Oh @#$%!" LOL!

  6. Dwindy-

    If you look at the picture, it's Tony's left side against the wall, so he either doesn't see the track owner or he's lying in wait for him.

  7. Trucks--Happy Harvick

    NW--Paul Menard

    Cup--Happy again! (He's ready to win 2 in a row!)

  8. My eyes! MY eyes! Oh how they burn...SB thats when he was on his preseason "crash" diet - before the pizza hut oven in the hauler. Lets see CURRENT pic! LOL And what is he doing? I agree with Tez, it does look like he glued himself to the wall! SB you could do a better photo shoot than that!!

    Trucks - Harvick

    NW - Logano

    IRL - Power

  9. NNS - BK
    IRL - Dixon
    Cup - Cousin Carl

  10. The Beagle picks:

    NNS- Bad Brad

    Cup- Kyle

    IndyCar- Power

  11. With all drivers completing one race, here are the standings:

    CR 1
    moseby 1
    SB 1
    jon 2
    kristen 2
    Hanny 5
    Dwindy 10
    tez 11

  12. Tez here; after Dario's dismal qualy effort, I'll swap him for his teammate in Scott Dixon please, SB :)

  13. After two complete:

    moseby 2
    CR 3
    SB 3
    Hanny 7
    jon 11
    tez 12
    Dwindy 18
    kristen 21

    Looks like everything hinges on the performances of Carl, Ryan, and Kyle this afternoon. Of course, we could see a dark horse rise to the top.

    Kristen's race schedule is finished(unless she decides to dump Joey's NNS finish for the Cup race),

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  15. Thanks for the tweet SB...was at wedding all weekend!

    Home in time to swap Logano out for Carl please!

  16. SB, your "dark horse" turned out to be a dark cloud! Will they ever install windshield wipers, and real head/tail lights on the Cup cars?

  17. no point, CR....can't race on ovals in the wet so they won't bother with a proper stock/touring car just for road courses, lol

  18. Okay SB I'll go with Kurt then...although I think Carl will do better! LOL

  19. ok, with Kristen dumping Joey, the overall standings look like this (with your choice of Cup driver)

    moseby 2 Carl
    CR 3 Ryan
    SB 3 Kyle
    Hanny 7 Matt
    kristen 9 Kurt
    jon 11 Kevin
    tez 12 JJ
    Dwindy 18 Jeffie

  20. oh and Kristen, two words about Carl (say them with me, now) BEAGLE VOODOO

  21. I'm going to see if I can jinx Vadar by picking him the rest of the season :P

  22. Wow! Smoke looks very svelte!

    I'm thinking Moseby's a winner! Congrats!

  23. Well, that was certainly exciting. At one point, there was a 3 way tie for the Trifecta win; however, fuel mileage reared it's ugly head again, and when the damage was done, moseby picked up his 3rd win of the season.

    The final standings:

    moseby 6
    CR 11
    jon 13
    kristen 15
    tez 22
    SB 26
    Hanny 28
    Dwindy 42

  24. CR says;

    Well done moseby!

  25. Woot! Moseby has the fuel to carry him to the finish! Congrats!

    Even MORE shocking, Dwindy in LAST! Holy Moly!

  26. Good job Moseby! Dwindy, DFL?? I'm SHOCKED! He ran out of fuel with 4 laps to go!