Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Trifecta- Can Anyone Stop Vettel or Dwindy Edition

Greetings, race fans! It's a light week this week with races in the trucks, Cup, and F1.

Trivia question: Who has more wins this season- Sebastian Vettel or Dwindy?(no fair looking it up)

The starting line up this week:

1 moseby
2 CR
3 jon
4 kristen
5 tez
6 SB
7 Hanny
8 Dwindy

And now for the races:

1.) The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race from New Hampshire, Saturday September 24; green flag drops at 3:19pm ET. (entry list)

2.) The F1 Grand Prix of Singapore, Sunday September 25; green flag drops at 8:00am ET.

3.) The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race from New Hampshire, Sunday September 25; green flag drops at 2:14pm ET.

Good luck, and let's go racing!!!!


  1. Moi? LOL!

    Okie Dokie... What's the theme?

    CWTS - Parker Kligerman
    F1 - Paul di Resta
    Cup - Andy Lally

    Good luck everyone!

  2. They're all Rookie of the Year candidates in their respective series?????

  3. The Beagle will be going with:

    CWTS- Austin Dillon

    F1- Sebastian Vettel

    Cup- Tony Stewart

  4. CR here;

    CWTS>> Kyle!

    F1>> Seb Vettel

    CUP>> Ryan Newman

    I may be wrong, but I think Vettel and Dwindy are tied.

  5. Tez here: I'll go with Dwindy....however, Vettel has not finished DFL in any yet, lol

    Trucks - Kevin Harvick
    F1 - Sebastian Vettel
    Cup - Jimmie Johnson

  6. CWTS.... KYLE!

    F-1..... Vettel

    Cup..... KYLE!

  7. CWTS--Happy Harvick

    F1--Lewis Hamilton

    Cup--Happy, who else?

  8. Okay let's keep the streak alive

    CWTS - Hornaday gets one more win for the Harvicks before they close up shop
    F1 - Button is due
    Cup - JJ is gonna get back to his groove

  9. Woo almost missed it!

    CWTS - Harvick

    F1 - Alonso

    Cup - Kurt

    To answer Dwindy's riddle - they are all drivers with which if you win the Trifecta picking them it is a CLEAR indication you are CHEATING somehow!! =P

  10. Well... SB guessed right (I think she loves quizzes and I'll bet she was tinkled pink if her teachers had a pop quiz while everyone else in her classes groaned!)

    Just for that I'll go with a whole different crew!

    Here we go!

    CWTS - Peters!
    F1 - Webber!
    Cup - Kahne!

    And... I'm thinkin' Kristen will win this weekend! (The kiss of death!)

  11. And the answer to the trivia question is:

    Dwindy! He has 9 Trifecta wins this season. Vettel has 8(but that will probably change on Sunday).

  12. SB... Do you mean that I'm winning again or Vettel?

  13. I have a perfect Pre-Trifecta! All my picks are pole sitters, and I picked before any practice sessions. So, do I get some kind of fabulous prize? I go with whats behind curtain #3 SB! LOL

  14. Give him the cat on the john video! Fabulous prize!

    CR I really didn't need to see that...

  15. LOL! I'll blame my daughter on that one. She sent it to me. We have 2 indoor cats, and I'm not sure any of us are cat lovers! Oh well, at least they have a home.

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  17. After one:

    CR 1
    Hanny 1
    SB 2
    jon 3
    kristen 3
    tez 3
    moseby 4
    Dwindy 9

  18. well, well, well. This is getting interesting. CR and Hanny are chasing perfect scores with the Beagle and Tez close on their heels. Will Ryan give CR the first double perfect Trifecta (all three pole winners and race winners) or will Kyle bring it home for Hanny? And you can't count out Tony and JJ. Looks to be an exciting afternoon of Cup racing- at least as far as the Trifecta is concerned.

    After two:

    CR 2
    Hanny 2
    SB 3
    tez 4
    moseby 6
    jon 6
    kristen 7
    Dwindy 14

  19. Oh, and moseby- if you happen to check in here- you need to change your Cup driver. You and tez both have jj.

  20. Oh great... I forgot I'd have to listen to Crusty bad mouth Newman all over again during the race! Maybe I'll watch with the sound off. Wish I could get MRN.

  21. Me thinks the Beagle made a wise choice!

  22. ok, now that my internet connection is back. Moseby checked in via Facebook and changed his cup driver to Tony.

    The final standings:

    SB 4
    moseby 7
    Hanny 13
    jon 18
    tez 22
    CR 27
    kristen 29
    Dwindy 29

    What's this about Kurt failing pre-race inspection?????

  23. And judging by what Brad Keselowski has been doing over the past few weeks, me thinks Pat took a fake Lug Nut with him to MWR. Dollars to donuts the REAL Maltese Lug Nut is STILL on the right rear tire of the #2.

  24. Congrats SB!

    Kristen's gonna kill me!

  25. BTW... Did I miss something? (Entirely possible! LOL)

    CWTS - Peters - 9th
    F1 - Webber - 3rd
    Cup - Kahne - 15th

    Total ------- 27 (?)

  26. Sorry, I flip flopped yours and jon's F1 scores.

    The corrected final standings:

    SB 4
    moseby 7
    Hanny 13
    jon 20
    tez 22
    CR 27
    Dwindy 27
    kristen 29

  27. Congrats SB both to you and your beefcake driver!