Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Trifecta- Back So Soon Edition

Greetings, race fans. Thanks to a 2 day delay at Atlanta, we are back. This weekend is a light schedule with races in Nationwide, Sprint Cup, and F1.

The overall standings in the Chase for the Coveted Triple Lug Nut Trophy (otherwise known as the Dwindy report) are as follows:

dwindy 9 0 23 8 11
Hanny 3 0 17 11 6
cr 3 0 14 13 5
SB 2 0 12 12 11
moseby 2 0 9 11 4
jon 2 0 7 7 8
kristen 1 1 9 9 4
Tez 1 0 12 9 2

Looks like several players are making gains against Dwindy in the stats but not in wins. There are still 10 more race weekends to work on that.

This week's starting lineup-
1 moseby 2 tez 3 CR 4 SB 5 Dwindy 6 kristen 7 jon 8 Hanny

And finally, the races:

1.) The NASCAR Nationwide Series race from Richmond, Friday September 9; green flag drops at 7:43pm ET (entry list).

2.) The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race from Richmond, Saturday September 10; green flag drops at 7:43pm ET.

3.) The F1 Italian Grand Prix, Sunday September 11; green flag drops at 8:00am ET.

There you have it. Good luck and let's go racing!


  1. Hello Ms. SB!

    Here we go...

    NWS - Kyle Busch
    Cup - Kyle Busch
    F1 - Sebastian Vettel

    Thank you very much!

  2. the Beagle picks:

    NNS- Bad Brad

    Cup- Kyle

    F1- Vettel

    Something tells me that the Vettel bandwagon is going to be very crowded this weekend :o)

  3. NW...KYLE!

    Cup...Denny Hamlin

    F-1... Seabass Vettel

  4. Is this the Department of Redundancy Department???

  5. okay here we go again!

    NW - Edwards
    Cup - Junyer!
    F1 - Alonso

  6. NW - Carl Edwards
    Cup - Tony Stewart
    F1 - Jenson Button

    off topic...who needs defence when the Packers can do this? Way more high scoring than I thought :o

  7. NW--Happy



  8. CR picks;

    NW- Harvick

    Cup- Newman

    F1- Alonso

  9. Didn't even check back from my picks from last week until now. Sorry Jon about the same driver deal for the Cup race. Problem is that I don't get back on during the weekends. I'll take a penalty in the future if that is what everyone agrees upon.

    NNS - Sadler
    Cup - Bowyer
    F1 - Massa

  10. The Beagle is dropping Kyle in the Cup race and going with JJ instead.

  11. Ah the Beagle beat me to it! Please change me to JJ too for the Cup race...

    moseby - what you talking about Willis? No penalty for picking same you can see above.

  12. One race in the books, and guess who's back on top of the leader board.

    Dwindy 1
    Hanny 1
    tez 2
    kristen 2
    moseby 6
    SB 19
    CR 20
    jon 20

  13. The Beagle will be going with Webber in the F1 race.

  14. I just noticed that K and I did our picks at exactly the same time, lol

  15. And the Beagle will be dropping JJ for Happy.

  16. subbing in Jeffy G for Tony tonight thanks, SB :)

  17. Well, that was an interesting turn of events. The standings after two:

    tez 5
    Dwindy 7
    Hanny 10
    SB 20
    jon 27
    moseby 28
    CR 28
    kristen 33

  18. common sense tells me to change to Vettel who took pole by half a second....but that would be mean to Dwindy and Hanny.

  19. I'm throwing up a Hail Mary and sending in Alonso for Vettel.

    Thanks, Speedy!

  20. Holy Freakin Moly! Kurt has lost his mind with the media...watching him payback JJ was priceless even though it cost me in the 'fecta!

  21. Moseby, I still wouldn't have won with JJ, so no biggie.

  22. Hey Tez...

    If you want Vettel go ahead and take him, I'll take Mr. Button... It's up to you...

    Ms. SB I'm just home from work and going to bed... If tez takes Vettel, give me Button, Okay?


  23. Well, it was close, but Tez executed a textbook pass coming of turn 4 to take the win. Congrats on your second win of the season.

    The final standings:

    tez 7
    Dwindy 8
    Hanny 13
    CR 31
    jon 31
    moseby 34
    kristen 36
    SB 40

  24. Gee, Kristen- if you had taken Kurt instead of JJ, you still could have enjoyed the show AND had a 3rd place finish in the 'Fecta.

  25. now I just have to win the next 8 weeks and Dwindy will be toast....highly unlikely though, lol

  26. I didn't watch the F1 race until the replay. That was a fantastic start for Ferrari, but alas, Red Bull rules the day. A Hearty congratulations to tez!

  27. Tez, good job in winning the Trifecta!