Thursday, August 11, 2011

THe Trifecta- New York State Of Mind Edition

Greetings, race fans. Time once again for racing's easiest fantasy game (at least it is for Dwindy), the Trifecta. It's a light schedule this weekend with races in Nationwide, Sprint Cup, and IndyCar.

In the overall standings for the Coveted Triple Lug Nut Trophy, well, do we really need to go there?

The starting lineup for this weekend: SB Hanny CR Dwindy jd moseby jon tez kristen.

And now for the races:

1.) The NASCAR Nationwide Series race from Watkins Glen, Saturday August 13; green flag drops at 2:17pm ET (entry list).

2.) The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race from Watkins Glen, Sunday August 14; green flag drops at 1:18pm ET.

3.) The IndyCar race from Loudon, Sunday August 14; green flag drops at 4:00pm ET.

Good luck and let's go racing!


  1. And the Beagle is going with:

    NNS- Kyle

    Cup- Tony

    Indy- Dario

  2. CR here...

    NNS>> Ron Fellows
    Cup>> Tony
    IC>> Scott Dixon

  3. The All-Foreigners Trifecta!

    NWS - Ron Fellows

    Cup - Marcos Ambrose

    Indy - Will Power

    Take that tez! LOL!

    Thanks again Ms. SB!

  4. NNS.... KURT!

    Cup.... KYLE!

    Indy... Dixon

  5. NNS--Menard



  6. Since I am last and out of town this weekend I'll just pick and wing it!

    NW - KURT!

    Cup - He is JUAN

    IRL - HELIO!

  7. Meh, given JPM's team just got busted for pot trafficking I'll swap to


    for Cup too...

  8. NNS - Kyle
    Cup - Jeff Gordon
    IRL - Dario

    My favorite Billy Joel song = NY State of Mind

  9. Billy Joel this week, eh....

    NW - Joey "You may be right" Logano
    Cup - Marcos "This is the time" Ambrose
    Indycar - Tony "The entertainer" Kanaan

  10. After one:

    Hanny 1
    kristen 1
    tez 3
    SB 4
    moseby 4
    jon 6
    CR 7
    Dwindy 7

  11. Looks like CR and I have spotted the field a head start... Let's see who comes out smellin' like a rose and who comes out just smellin'!

  12. the more important question Dwindy, is whether or not I can rant about rain tyres without swearing....

  13. well dang, there goes my weekend as I see Tony's car is upsidedown :(

  14. and Dario's done as he moves over on Sato at the restart and gets turned into the inside wall :o

  15. Ok, that was wild. After two-

    Hanny 4
    CR 10
    Dwindy 12
    jon 16
    kristen 18
    SB 24
    moseby 24
    tez 25

  16. Tez sez; I demand a day off to celebrate!

    congrats to...Gene I think. Hope all involved in that nasty wreck is ok though :/

  17. Go ahead and take off tez... We'll cover for ya! Five first time winners this season? That's great!

    I believe Geno is standing next to the Sprint Cup girl in Victory Lane being interviewed by Darryl Waltrip! LOL! Congrats Gene!

  18. Tez, you woke me up you were screaming so loud.

    The final standings-

    Hanny 7
    Dwindy 13
    jon 22
    tez 26
    CR 37
    moseby 37
    SB 51
    kristen 56

    And with his 3rd win of the season, Hanny now moves into second place in the overall standings for the Coveted Triple Lug Nut Trophy.

  19. Wow, I am channeling Tez with that high score! HAha...Congrats to Gene and to Marcos! Two of the most likable guys out there!

  20. Congrats to everyone under 10 points. ...oh, guess that's the Han Man!

  21. Thanks to the boys back at the shop. They (I) had to work today and didn't get to see the race!

    Three or four Lucky Dogs and Wave Arounds and I'll be back on the same lap with Dwindy! LOL