Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Trifecta- I Can See For Miles And Miles Edition

Yes, race fans. The Beagle can see again- just in time to sleep through another boring Pocono race.

This week's line up: Dwindy CR kristen SB Hanny moseby jon tez

This week's races:

1.) The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race from Pocono, Saturday August 6; green flag drops at 1:21pm ET (entry list)

2.) The NASCAR Nationwide Series race from Iowa, Saturday August 6; green flag drops at 7:49pm ET (entry list) NOTE: Brad Keselowski will not be in the #22 for this race due to injuries from the Atlanta crash.

3.) The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race from Pocono, Sunday August 7; green flag drops at 1:18pm ET.

4.) The IndyCar Honda Indy 200 from Ohio, Sunday August 7; green flag drops at 2:50pm ET.

VBS at our church starts Saturday, so I will be in and out for most of the day. I will try to get the results from Saturday's races up late Saturday night(we're having a pool party, so it may be really late).

Good luck and let's go racing!!!


  1. NNS - Edwards
    Cup - Hamlin
    IRL - Dario

  2. NCWS- Dillon
    NNS- Sadler
    NSCS- Earnhardt Jr... Perpetual Optimist

  3. I'm dusting off the ol' Kylefecta! Gimme 18 across the board!

    Warning: watching 'racing' at Pocono can be harmful on your eyes!

  4. No Kyle in NW, huh?

    I'll stick with Stenhouse.

  5. Slow boat to Pocono?

    Are ya ready for this?

    CWTS - Harvick!

    NWS - Edwards!

    Cup - Earnhardt Jr.!

    Is EVERYBODY happy???? I am...

  6. Beagle picks:

    CWTS- Kevin

    Cup- Kurt

    IndyCar- Dixon

  7. Will Dwindy's golden touch give Lil E his first win this decade?

  8. Uh oh...Dwindy is throwing darts or talking to chickens!!!!

    Trucks - Thorn Busch!

    Cup - Big Daddy Gordon!

    IRL - Will Power! (still needs a nickname!)

  9. Trucks - Ron "have you actually picked me this season yet, Tez?" Hornaday

    NW - Trevor "still looking for my first NW win" Bayne

    Indycar - Scott "why are you picking a Kiwi on Bledisloe weekend?" Dixon

  10. Trucks--Happy

    NNS--David Mayhew (driving the 33 car)

    IRL--Ryan Briscoe

  11. CR here...

    Trucks>>> Kyle busch
    Cup>>> Jeff Gordon
    IRL>>> Dario Frachitti-chity-bang-bang

  12. Geez CR why don't you steal all my picks! LOL
    Since you are above me in the standings I'll grab Kasey Kahne in the Cup to try to make a move!!

    Have fun at your pool party SB!

  13. Oh! I'm sorry Doc! I didn't notice... I was like "in the work mode, at work". Anyway, you know what they say, "great minds think alike". If you like, I'll swap Jeffy Pooh out for Ryan, or Jimmie in the Cup race. Just give me a nudge!

  14. ....a VBS pool party? I've got to start going to church again... lol

  15. Please change my Cup Driver to Ryan Newman. Thank you.

  16. LOL CR! Great minds indeed think alike and we both are thinkin with the practice times so far Gordon isn't the pick to beat Dwindy! =)

  17. Looks like I'm going to have a busy Sunday with the truck race being postponed.

    CR- yes a VBS pool party. Our Bible story for the evening was Jonah and the whale.

  18. NW Trevor is getting dumped for Cup Denny instead please, SB.

  19. Okay... Since I wasn't invited to the swim party, I guess I'll help out from afar. Here's our results after everyone has gotten one race under their belts-

    Dwindy1 :) 1 (Harvick in CWTS)
    Speed Beagle 1 (Harvick in CWTS)
    Jon 1 (Harvick in CWTS)
    CR 2 (Kyle in CWTS)
    Klvalus 2 (Kyle in CWTS)
    Gene 2 (Kyle in CWTS)
    Moseby 2 (Edwards in NWS)
    JD 5 (Dillon in CWTS)
    Tez 9 (Hornaday in CWTS)

    (I'll bet their having hot dogs, chips and lemon ade at that swim party... Dang!)

  20. The "OFFICIAL" after one race complete

    SB 1
    Hanny 1
    Dwindy 2
    CR 2
    kristen 2
    moseby 2
    jd 3
    jon 10
    tez 14

    CR- the swim party was bring your own picnic. Hot dogs are Wednesday night. (Sandwiches on Monday, and pizza on Tuesday)

  21. Speedy, I think Dwindy was the one interested in the menu! lol

  22. After two complete:

    SB 2
    Dwindy 3
    Hanny 3
    CR 4
    moseby 4
    jd 8
    jon 11
    tez 15
    kristen 16

    Oh yeah, Dwindy for dessert, we'll be having Mrs. Faye's apple cake and brownies. They are totally to die for.

  23. Looks like it's SB's Kurt vs Dwindy's Junyer.... GO KURT!!!

  24. how did Ron go from 9th to 14th? :(

  25. Come on rain! SB could have a perfect score...

  26. Tez,

    You got a 5 point penalty for dumping Trevor in the NNS race.


    (Yes, Kristen, you read that right.)

  28. good race in the final laps... GO NEWMAN!

  29. Shit! Did anyone see Kurt Busch & J Johnson trading paint on that last lap? WTG Kurt for holding your own!

  30. Good race at the end... Only took 6 hours to get there!

    Looks like Gene is a winner? WTG Dude!

  31. Wow, that was close, but by virtue of a higher starting position, the Beagle claims her 2nd win of the season.

    Final Standings:

    SB 5
    Hanny 5
    CR 9
    Dwindy 12
    jd 17
    moseby 19
    jon 27
    tez 30
    kristen 44

  32. WTG Speedbeagle!!!! You rock! ...and enjoy Mrs. Faye's apple cake and brownies!!!

  33. Kristen, I'm confused, if I picked most of the same picks you had, why do I come out smelling like a rose, compared to you smelling like a ...

  34. ok, I just figured you'd tack that on to wheverever Denny finished since that was the race I swapped to, lol

    I presume that Vader was mad because he didn't wreck Kurt like usual....that's the only reason I can think of.

  35. ......and congrats all who beat Dwindy, LOL :P

  36. cr-

    to answer your question to Kristen- because Juan Problem Montoya strikes again :o(

  37. Tez... lmao!!! (Dwindy's not laughing?)

  38. JJ was mad because Kurt didn't roll over and play dead.

    I guess Kurt missed that meeting where the drivers were told to pull over and let 5 Time pass :b

  39. Congrats to Speedy.

    ABD! .... Anybody But Dwindy! LOL

  40. Such adulation! Thanks tez... Gene... CR...

    Sorry about my confusion there SB... Congratulations!

  41. we kid because we love ya, Dwindy :P

  42. We kid because we're Americans. lol, I know, patriotism brings everyone together. least to the next election!

  43. oops... sorry tez. I've actually thought about moving to Canada...

  44. Congrats to SB but also to Team Penske who got her the win. Woot!

    He is JUAN took out poor Kasey and any chance I had at a decent finish CR... =( Next time I am waiting and copying YOU! LOL

  45. LOL @ K... I think I need to see you again, on a professional basis. My life is in ruins.

  46. Oh no CR! Say it ain't so! The therapist is "in"...

  47. Sorry, I don't know what made me say that. Well, other than I do get a little down at times. :-)